July 5th, 2005

Because I said so

Disastrous and revolting Terra Revolta

So, last weekend, the League of JustUs upper-levelers did the first respec trial.
We failed miserably. No controllers. No blasters. Too many dead at once. Not to mention the fact that (other than me and one other) everyone else was a superspeeder. We died several times just trying to get past the guards in the big room, and in the process I leveled, picked up Recall Friend, and remembered why I started playing a taxibot.

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Apparently Kidd Flambe is going to try it again this week. I will be back to a simple, superstrength-only sluggard who can't damage for shit, but IF I get there on time, which is somewhat unlikely given the way work has been lately... then maybe I'll get through this.
If not, then I'm pretty sure I will drop the character and possibly remake for a scrapper.

If I do manage it, then I'll be on here bugging for help with stone/superstrength tanker builds.
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Question for you math monkies!

Is it more profitable to go from a 3 sloted tough to a 6 sloted tough. or from a 3 sloted IH with three End reduction to a 6 slotted IH with three end reductions and 3 healing buffs.
PARAPPA (connieleeee)

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So recently I asked ideas about Scrappers because I wanted to make one and thanks for everyone who offered their input. I decided to go with a ma/regen, and I am up to level 5 and love the kicks (call me silly but it is just cool). Anyways, for concept wise of the toon she will be getting fly for her travel power. But what I wanted to know was what other power pools are good for scrappers. That would enhance my particular choice. Are there any must have's?
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Renaming question.

Ok, my brother just got his character's name changed to a Generic Hero (he was called Irn-Bru after a Scottish soft drink, we got away with it for nine months on the US servers without anybody noticing, lasted less than a month on the EU servers.) and was wondering how he would get a new name. I seem to recall people getting an e-mail or something, but he hasn't gotten anything.
Puck (silly)

Math question: recharge time

I'm looking for a reference on the proper way to calculate what a power's recharge time will be if slotted with given number of SOs. For example, a power has a base recharge of 480 seconds, and you have it slotted with 4 even level SOs, which are each supposed to give a bonus of 33.30%. How does one calculate what the improved recharge time should be?

What I'm curious to look at is what the incremental gain would be by adding more slots of SOs.

Energy Energy Blaster

I'm respeccing my energy/energy blaster. Some background: when i play a blaster, i try to avoid melee. Doesn't always happen, but i try. I havent had opportunity to play much with Energy Manipulation.

This character is part of an awesome supergroup though, so i'd like him to be built for team play as much as possible.

Thanks for the help.

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Just more curiosity. What is the best purely defensive/support bubbler you can think of, oh guru's of build making? I want to see how my bubbler Push (Triumph, member of the Sunday 9's) stacks up to the ideal build. Assume that as a pure defender he has minimal offense (always on a team/never soloing), has a travel power and Fitness for Stamina.

If folks are curious I'll post my actual build to see how it stands up, but I'm more curious to see what you all come up with.

For the curious... I'm at level 31.
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Green smoke dragon

Actual fun in Atlas- it's true!

Last night I had the unexpected good fortune to participate in a costume contest in Atlas (Infinity). I say good fortune because it was fun, different, creative and I won a million influence! The host was named Horned Warlord, and he was looking for new ideas for his own costume. So to help him out, we had to make a new toon that was a variation of his character. He paid each participant 10K to do this step, and was exceedingly patient as we all ran off to make the toons. Since this was far past my usual bedtime, there weren't a lot of contestants, I think about eight total, but they were all good conversationalists and we had fun chatting while waiting for everyone to be done. I have never played with the male costume options before, and when I make a female character, I can spend hours planning and playing, but this was a rush job for obvious reasons. When I saw how well everyone else did, I was pretty sure mine was too simplistic to win. But Horned Warlord gave us each a very thorough looking over, told us what he did and didn't like, and what he will probably use. In the end, I had a few more elements that he will incorporate into his new look, and I was declared the winner. Woot!

So if any LJ'ers happened to be there last night, thanks a lot for a good time. That was exactly what my ego needed after taking a favorite female toon through a rigorous and lengthy ordeal only to lose to a bunch of nekkid chicks earlier this weekend. :-)
Half the fun was standing around looking scary and taking screenshots, so of course I will put a few behind the cut for your amusement. Horned Warlord is in the middle of the group, and I am the one on his far left.

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From the forums (I don't recall anyone else mentioning this here on LJ):

Blasters: First off, blasters are going to get a new inherent ability (much like the scrapper critical is inherent to that AT) called desperation. The lower the blasters hit points the more damage they will do. As I write this I wish I had asked for more details IE ratio of damage to health but I didn’t . (from someone who heard States speak at Origins convention)

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?
AS a blaster (nrg/nrg), I am... intrigued by this. Hey, it's better than nothing, right?
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My map still resets during missions. I thought they fixed that bug. Is just me?

Something must be in the water. I got three tells asking me to bridge when I was doing a Freakshow story arc in King's Row. Yes, nothing like doing a level 33 mission in good ol' KR.