July 6th, 2005

Riot Red

Knives of Artemis?

Okay, I think it was spyderqueen's mention of the Knives of Artemis that got me poking around to see what, exactly, they were all about. And now I am cranky at how little I've found. Is there really that little story around them? Or am I looking in the wrong places? Anyone know of a good place to point me for more than the in-game info blurbs for the minions/lieutenants/bosses?
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Lethal lagomorph

City of Archers?

So, is it just me, or are a lot of other people getting shot at with bows and crossbows in the Hollows these days?
It started for me on Sunday, up until then, I had only seen the Vahz using them, now just about every group of Outcast I tangle with in the Hollows, someone pulls a bow or crossbow.

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People in the Legion of Catgirls channel decided to make "Star Wars Kitties" last night. I have no idea why, but they were on Pinnacle and my main characters are there and not currently in a supergroup, so I made a supergroup for them... "Cat Wars -- A Mew Hope". Then I made my own Star Wars kitty... Mew Skyprowler. We had Darth Mew, Kitty Vader, Meowda, Cattbacca, Obi Wan Kittobi, and I don't know who else. Princess Seeia, EmperorPalkitty, something like that.

Anyway everyone was between levels 1 and 3, and we ran a warshade contact mission, and for some reason we ran into a large group of level 5 council. We got slaughtered pretty quickly, and when we hit "go to the hospital" we wound up in prisons with level 7 doors! That's a pretty daunting challenge for the level ones! We disbanded and got ourselves kicked from the mission, then reset everything and tried again, and this time we had level 4 council at first, but we ran into level 5 council right after that and most of us died again.

This is where it got fun... the doors weren't level 7 this time, so we bashed our way out of prison and bashed our friends out, and then proceeded down the hallway where we aggro'd a bunch of level 5 council and died again. And the council guys ran back to the prison, jumped through the doors, and started killing us in our cells. But given that death meant no debt and being instantly at full health and endurance and immediately back at the scene of the battle, we soon had most of the cell doors down and were running out to attack council as soon as we had died. In fact there were many times where I respawned before I'd finished falling down, lol. It turned into the most fun PL session I've ever been in, just fighting and dying and running out to fight again. Everyone went up 2 or 3 levels before the mission was over, and we cleared the whole mission despite multiple deaths. In fact I probably died 15 or 20 times, but was never out of the fight more than a minute at most (when I had to run the length of the mission map to get back to the fight).

level 35 power advice

My rad/rad defender, Lord Gamma (Victory), just hit level 34 and will try to hit 35 this weekend. I have no clue which power to take. I'm trying to decide between choking cloud, mutation, stealth, neutron bomb or something else. I'm not really excited about any of them:

I asked about choking cloud a while back and people here said that it sucks because it rolls a tohit every 30 s or something like that.

Mutation doesn't do much for me because I usually solo or duo and people die less frequently at the higher levels.

I almost always run with my girlfriend's illusion controller, Dr. Phantasia, and she keeps me stealthy with group invisibility. I also have super speed and that seems to provide enough stealth for me before I attack.

I don't know anything about neutron bomb. Does anyone care to enlighten me?

Other choices are recall friend or other pool powers (I have just hasten, SS, hurdle, swift and stamina). This guy is more or less a concept character so I'd rather not grab recall friend, but I don't want to take a crappy rad power.

I'm sort of leaning towards choking cloud even though it supposedly sucks. My only hold is EM pulse, but that sometimes flushes bad guys out of the woodwork unexpectedly.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Ok, I'm going to respec out of irradiate because I never use it and pick up choking cloud instead. I'll grab neutron bomb at 35 for my AoE attack. I like the fact that I can cast it at range. I usually stand back and blast away.