July 7th, 2005


Slotting Regen Powers

Okay, I have been leveling up my (Magic) Martial Arts/Regen Scrapper, and I have a question. I know that they changed the healing rates and percentages for Integration and Instant Healing for Issue 5, and I was wondering how to ratio the slots (I plan on six slotting both of them) between Heals and Endurance Reductions to get the best healing rate possible, or any good recomendations on how to slot them (as well as other Regen powers) post Issue 5. Thanks guys!
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Puck (silly)

Shortest... mission... ever.

The CoT mages were slummin' last night. Jezebella had a mission to "Recover the Spirit Thorns" and when we went in, it ended up being a tiny little warehouse map like the Hellion and Skulls missions from the single-digit levels. There was one patroling mob that we massacred right after walking in the door, and one medium-sized room in the back with a large mob and a single glowie. The entire mission took less than two minutes. Oh, and did I mention that most everything was conning blue, green, and white? Everyone on the team was just laughing in amazement when "mission completed" appeared.

The ambush that came chasing after me after we exited DA back into Talos Island was a little more of a challenge. But I don't know why they don't just wait. I'm supposed to take the Spirit Thorns back to Azuria, who I'm sure will put them in on a shelf in an unlocked room where they can simply be stolen again by the time I get back to my contact in Founder's Falls. But I know how things go at M.A.G.I., and I ain't bitter. :P

I also scored two badges last night. Jezebella has been picking off Outcast leaders when she sees them playing purse tug-of-war in her trips through Steel Canyon, and she finally got the Weatherman badge. And after that speedy appetizer of a CoT mission, our team went to Crey's Folly where we completed the mission for the Doctor's Ally badge. And if my sources are right... that means there's only one exploration badge in Eden left standing between Jezebella and her Crey Pistol.

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In my heart of hearts I always knew that HOs were overpowered, and the "nerf" was much needed, but yesterday I realized just how overpowered they had been.

I fought Nightstar for the first time since the nerf (had fought her 2-3 times prior), and her nova actually took me by surprise. Why? Because with a 6 slotted enzyme RI, I used to be able to make her nova miss.
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Lethal lagomorph

Tongue planted firmly in cheek? Check.

There ought to be a badge for people who never beg, or request a PL (including yours truly), a "I'm not a T00L" badge/achievement on reaching lvl 50 on your own merits.

So... what should the reward be?

I was hanging around AP last night losing costume contests, and man, I just wanted to smack some people.
Fenris IH8U

Forced teaming?

Query for ya'll. I got a mission to defeat a Banished Pantheon leader and recover two artifacts. The problem being you have to recover them simultaneously! The nature of the mission forces you to team up to finish the goal. Yes, I know mmorpg's mean teaming, but what about those who prefer solo play? I'm playing mainly the Scrapper AT so I DON'T have to team unless I want to. I think its a sneaky way to force co-op play on you... and I'm not sure how I feel about it, but its not too good.

Your opinions?

The Scourge of Terra Volta and Slayer of Freakshow

EDIT: The query was NOT an invitation to berate me for my preferred playing style. I asked for opinions on Missions that force you to team up. My preference is to play solo, but I prefer to team on my own terms, not just because a mission requires it.
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Build Advice?

Ok… so I rolled up a blaster last night to see if I could catch up to my newly-CoH-hooked coworker who is lvl 20 on Virtue. Rolled a fire/ice blaster by the name of Synderella and I must say that I am diggin’ this combo. However, I have not played a blaster past lvl 10 for one reason or another so I was hoping for a little build advice.

So far I have the following:
L1 Flares
L1 Chilblain
L2 Fire Blast
L4 Fire Ball
L6 Hover

I was thinking of doing the following with her after that:
(keeping in mind that I want Flight, Fitness, SS purely for the Hasten, and Concealment for Power Pools)
L8 Rain of Fire
L10 Hasten
L12 Hurdle
L14 Fly
L16 Health
L18 Stealth
L20 Stamina
L22 Build Up
L24 Ice Patch
L26 Fire Breath
L28 Aim
L30 Blaze
L32 Blazing Bolt
L35 Shiver
L38 Grant Invisability
L41 Phase Shift
L44/L47/L49 Play with the Epic Pools

I’m hoping to get her to at least lvl 14 tonight with any luck. Any advice, suggestions, or if anyone knows where I can find a guide for this build (the boards were not helpful)… it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

-- Mistress Mojo -- lvl 36 emp/rad def – Freedom –
More alts than I care to name now including: Synderella – lvl 6 fire/ice blaster – Virtue

Nemesis Staff... sadly wasted

A few days back I got my hands on a Nemesis staff and got to play with it for about 10 minutes before I had to attend to a few days worth of RL buisness. Sadly the picture below the cut shows one of only 4 times I got to use it. It's time ran out before I got back in the game today.

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