July 8th, 2005

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As my Dark/Regen scrapper approaches 41, I have begun to wonder about which Epic Pool she will take.

I am wondering what the difference(s) between Touch of Fear (of the Dark Melee power set) and Petrifying Gaze (of the Darkness Mastery Pool) might be, if any.

If there aren't any differences, then I am going to take Petrifying Gaze, Dark Blast, and Tenebrous Tentacles of the Darkness Mastery Pool.

Is this a terrible choice for a Dark/Regen? What might be a better choice?


Bubble Bubble..

I had a conversation with someone the other day about the possibility of a Bubble controller primary set. It would borrow some powers from the defender bubbler set. Then you could be a bubble/bubble controller. The defender set would have to be reworked too. So what would the powers be? (powers in capslock are already-existing powers) In no particular order...

Controller Primary:
DETENTION FIELD - single target foe total lockdown (they cant move or affect anyone else, no one can affect them)
single target immob/hold
multi-target immob/hold
REPULSION BOMB - ally targeted force explodes, knockback foes
FORCE BUBBLE - bubble around you pushes foes away
capsule - bubble captures foes and pushes them all together (better for AoEs)
FORCE BOLT - single target damage
multi target damage
pet (which does ... what?)

Defender Primary/Controller Secondary:
REPULSION FILED (self targeted repulsion)
healing bubble - only one can be active at one time, single target ally, slowly heals over time

So you can see I need three more powers for the defender set, since I took so many away for the controller set. This whole discussion was for two reasons: The bubble set has three powers that do a lot of the same thing: Repulsion Field, Repulsion Bomb, and Force Bubble are all repel powers. I commented on wanting a bubble to keep baddies IN, so people could go nuke them easier. You know, its a really big bubble that shrinks and pushes all the baddies into a smaller group. I also wanted one to keep ALLIES in, so the couldn't wander off farther than Aid Other can reach, but the dev's would never go for that, with good reason. But mainly, I want PETS. I want bubble pets. I have no idea what they'd do, but I want little bubbles following me around.

Anyway, help with developing these sets is welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

Costume fun

Last night I was playing my lvl 35 Eng/Eng alt with a friend who was an Illusion/Rad controller. After a while I realized that it was hard to tell what I was attacking and what the PA was attacking, since we had the same blasts (I know the PA attack type varies). So I got this idea (I'm sure I'm not the first person to have it). I went over to Icon and got my third costume, then I made a PA costume. It looks almost identical. It does require you to have Stealth and an aura. So we then headed to Atlas park. She drop a PA army and I switched my costume to my new PA costume. I blended right in. It took people a bit to realize I wasn't an actual Decoy. Then they all went away and I dropped to my knees in greif. There were definately a few laughs at that. When it was up again, I jumped for joy then put out a boombox and danced in the middle of them. Overall, a fun diversion for a bit. ;)

I have a dumb question...

Is there anyway to set up your other costumes as your primary costume at the log on screen or do you just have to revamp your original into your second one?

Did that question make sense?

I'll go into more detail if it didn't.

Thanks to all who answer.

DM/Inv Scrapper

Anyone got any build advice for a DM/Inv scrapper. I started one that's now 13 and I'm really struggling, it should not be this difficult at this low of a level with full DO. I have a free respec waiting and I might actually twist some things around if I can get some good advice.

Two questions

My empath, Girl Omega, just hit 20. Yay cape and new costume.

Already looking forward to the 30s and an aura.

Is there anyplace y'all know of that I can see caps of the auras beforehand so I can start thinking which one I want for her?

And secondly, I'm tooling around capping off badges. One of them is, I think, Volcanic, which is offing Minions of igneous. I'm assuming that's boss-level MoI, so I've been tooling around Grendel's Gulch looking for them. But I haven't found a one in any of the spawns I've scared up. Where should I be looking for boss-level MoI, in the Troll Caverns proper?
Mist Movie Shadow


Last night my perma team was a little upset with me.
Team roster:
Dark/Psychic Defender
Grav/FF troller
Fire/Fire Tanker
Claw/regen scrapper
katana/INv scrapper
me ( Warshade).

First mission:
Fire boy gathers a 15ish mob herd and bring em back. I'm in human form so when the herd is gathering ( and before he launches burn and taunt) I fire off mire and hit the LT with grav well. I start running back as he throw's down taunt and burn. As I run back I smack squid form and fire off my two aoe's (while still targeting the now dead/arrested LT) then fly forward while dropping squid and use my dead guy bomb (unchained essence).
Mob is dead.

We did this through the first level.

By the second level the claw scrapper was saying things like " I feel useful :( " the dark defender was saying things like " I'll just hang back and let me pets spam heal" my wife was saying things like "maybe I should just go do other things since all I am doing is FFing people"

My wife was really upset that I was slaying everything before anyone else had a chance to do anything. So I guess it's time for me to start upping my mission difficulty levels or something.
I first characters ( now 50) were damage heavy with only an illusion troller. Now we are controllerish heavy with moderate damage output. I seriously don't know what I should do to keep the team balanced. ( 4 of us are family, the other two are also father/son )

Not trying to sound like "woe is me I dish to much damage" (read: attention whore), I am seriously asking what people think I should do.
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Login issues?

I just tried logging in to CoH and got this message:
There was a problem in the game database system, please contact Customer Support at http://support.cityofheroes.com.
Is anyone else experiencing this? it's not the usual dbserver error, so I'm a bit concerned.

anyone ever gotten this error before? this is the first time I've seen it in the year-plus that I've been playing.

I have sent in a request to their tech support, but that'll take a while, and I figured I might be able to resolve this here, if it's a (relatively) common error.

problem solved. looks like it was a temporary (10-minute or so) hiccup on their end.
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