July 9th, 2005

P Dog

Awesome team.

Here, a good story. :) No awful pick up team. A chance encounter in Crey's while Bug and I were working of debt from last night's encounter let us meet a truly wonderful player. It's so nice to meet a blaster who understands tactics. Who realises a tank is a tank and doesn't just throw AoEs around.

We did a couple hunt missions and then once we determined how to spend the night took on Infernal. It's no surprise we didn't finish it, but other than poor Veronica Havock's death right at the end we rocked that mission. We didn't finish it as we just didn't have the damage to take the portal, but we cleared it until there and had to allow Infernal to live another day.

But, Veronica was cheerful throughout, polite, helpful, fit into our group wonderfully. If you ever get a tell from Veronica Havock don't worry about her being one of the bad blasters. :) Because, she's not.

It's just refreshing to meet someone on the game who gets it that you don't need to run through a mission and if you take it slow and steady you can get to your goal.

Not a bad way to spend Bug's birthday. And, I got out of debt. Yay!
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Disco Dance Party!

Howdy all!

I'm on CoH as The Amazing Potato, proud leader of The League Of Potato Junkies Spastic Funksters.  If any of you crazy kids fancy hooking up with an SG that specialises in dancing a lot, give me a call.  Especially if you're some kind of fruit or veg flavoured hero :D

Word to ALL your mothers!
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Because I said so

Finally, a little respec

Was doing the Freaklympics arc with Gothfather, Staxxy, Adriellyn, Road To, Kidd Flambe, and probably another person, but I'm all about the amnesia right now.

Frosty Shock, one of the guys from one of the good groups of earlier attempts, /t'ed me to let me know they were putting together a team.
Had three other people on it that I knew from other attempts, only two tankers, and a lot better balance altogether. Still had eight people, but all of them were around the same level, no sidekicks, no wild range differences, and it made a huge difference. Also leader WAS set on Heroic, not anything else.

We stealthed thru the Sky Raiders at the door mission, and the group simply overwhelmed them. It was SO nice.

We had a few, minor, glitches in the big room, one blaster kept getting more agro than he needed to (shoot at the guys that the tanks have in their agro area, not at the lone outlyers who are shooting at the tanks) but only one which was costly - the last group in the big room was just huge, and everyone fell except the defender with the Rez, he fell back, and eventually we all got raised. Called Goff to bring more awakens, which he did, and when we got back inside, the group had stealthed some people past the prox bombs, cleared the bombs, cleared the mobs near the bombs, leaving the larger group by the door. I _almost_ could have soloed them. Frosty was at the door with Steamy Mist hiding the last four of us who had been outside, from the badguys. The defender recalled him first, annoyingly, which meant that I and the other guy at the door got all sorts of hassle until we got ported away. Made me glad I was a tank.

The mission itself? Not so bad. We had two people with belts. Turns out, once someone gets a belt, if another person leaves the map and comes back in, they can also get a belt. One person. The guy who did it almost died in the run to the door, so we didn't waste time getting another, because we were already dealing with the raiders.

It was ... pretty easy. Several of us fell once. I got stuck at the top with a bunch of orange and red-cons (highest that showed in the mission) all hammering me at once, and even with all my shields up, including Earth's Embrace, I went down. Got a Howling Twilight from one of the controllers, turned on the big shoes, and fought off the bad guys at the core, glowing nasty green all the while, but the heal boost from the big shoes was high enough to let me ignore the core damage. I still think the badguys should be taking damage from that stuff too, once we knock off their forcefields.

Anyway, there was the long wait, and then three groups at once, and suddenly BADGE! Mission Completed! Choose your reward!

Everyone was saying, "Huh? That was IT?"

MUCH better team... I would've gotten screenies but nobody wanted to stick around, darnit.

So to any of you who read this who were on the team, thanks!
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Librarian Erotica

Woo hoo!

Just hit 50 last night with the very valued help of my sg. The toon is She Raa on Freedom.

Sooo awesome. Any thoughts for strategies for Warshades and Peacebringers?

Btw, my name on the LiveJournal channel is Lieran, so give me a yell if you see me. :)
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