July 10th, 2005

Ranty Rant

The season of morons has begun ... We all know what this means. Those small youngin's that are now out of school and their parents think that allowing them to play CoH for the summer will sate their ADHD for the season. And not only does the maturity of each server degenerate ten fold, but the morality does as well.

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All in all, it took 2 hours to get a dumb Outcast base mission done and I ended up in death 5 times in one mission. Now I know what it is like to be squishy and commend all of the players out there that tolerate such asshats and fucktards like the ones that are taking over Paragon City in their shroud of stupidity and lack of common sense. Also, anyone that plays a blaster, you fucking rock. At this rate, a sabbatical may be taken for the whole summer til the season ends and the game can return to normal.


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I wrote up this huge response to frigginalex's recent post and It was too big to be a comment. It went beyond answering his question of how he could quickly get rid of debt by giving him tips on how to prevent debt. So, if you are a blaster and feeling frustrated about dying a lot and you might be looking for some tips or tactics from someone who has a pretty good grip on being a blaster, Collapse )

Server Roll Call!!!

State what servers you play on!

Pinnacle (when I5 hits)

US Servers Total:
Infinity ||||\ ||(7)
Pinnacle ||||\ ||||\ ||(12)
Triumph ||||\ ||||\ ||||\ (15)
Freedom ||||\ ||(7)
Justice ||||\ ||||\ |||(13)
Virtue ||||\ ||||\ ||||\ ||||\ ||||\ |||(28)
Champion ||||\ |||(8)
Liberty ||||\ ||||(9)
Guardian ||||\ ||||(9)
Victory ||||\ ||| (8)
Protector ||| (3)
All ||| (3)

European Servers Total:
Union | (1)
Defiant | (1)