July 11th, 2005


Go. Hunt.

While "badging" this weekend, Winged Vixen brought a wanton slaughter upon the Skulls villain group, getting her "bonecrusher" and "kill skuls" badges within 7 arrests of each other. I was hoping for something like this, but I really had no way to control when I got the "kill skuls" badge...

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J'ohn loves his oreos.

Hey, anyone remember...DOUG!?

So, the Daily Dosage of Doug...ended up being a week-long thing. The few stray comments that it was getting annoying ended up getting to me, really. Shouldn't have, but I think I wanted a break for the Triple D, myself. I think, if people are interested, it'll come back for another week. Maybe make it a bi-monthly thing, instead.

Anyway, some interesting occurances happened while playing Doug The Troll on Justice the last couple of days.

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Puck (silly)


My defender, Lady Foxx, saw a lot of action this weekend. On Saturday, I was helping a friend's scrapper run some missions and I had the opportunity to see the inside of Portal Corps for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems that the courtyard there suffers from the same vacuum of good manners that affects the area under Atlas. And just how does a Level 1 hero make it all the way there to stand around and beg "PLVL M3 PLZ"? Kudos to them if they made it all the way there under their own power at Level 1. But a pox on the house of the higher level hero who facilitated them with SK and TP if that's how they ended up panhandling in Peregrine Island.

On Sunday, I spent the good part of the day helping a full team with a Rikti / Council mission on one of those huge outdoor "board the train" city maps. That was nice XP, but all I could do was heal and buff because every single thing conned purple and I couldn't hit for beans. I did find it amusing that there is such a thing as a "Vicious Rikti Monkey." You know, as compared to the tame, friendly ones that hop around Crey's Folly. But overall, I had a lot more fun later in the evening, when I hooked up with a couple friends from my SG and we went ripping through the missions I'd outleveled helping with that map full of Rikti. Sometimes it's more fun just to run around and blast at things, even if the XP from it is only a trickle.

Our little team of two defenders and a sidekicked scrapper even managed to survive an ambush of about a dozen rogue Council robots in Perez Park. And there should be a badge for cumulative knockback distance, I have decided. Those big Mark IV robots nearly bounced me halfway across the zone with their cannons. "Wherever she falls, there shall she be buried!" :P
Sark, bad, snark

Yay, I actually played this weekend!

I got this game mostly to play with a couple of friends; they've had it long enough that they actually don't play it tons anymore. After lunch on Sunday though, we decided to play for a bit. We started characters just for playing together back when and we've played so little they're only 7th-8th level. Collapse )
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Puck (silly)

No more PUGs.

Reason #421 to "Just say no" to Pick-Up Groups: Asshat team leaders who won't reinvite you to the team after the mapserver boots you right as you're nearing the end of a mission. Because glomming a little bit more of the mission reward is well worth pissing off the tanker who kept the agro off your squishy blapper hiney for the past half an hour.

Pick-Up Groups. Bah, humbug!