July 12th, 2005

Lethal lagomorph

Truth and Justice, not the servers.

This is somewhat tangenital to CoH, so forgive the posting.

Yesterday my friend, chadu announced the release of Truth and Justice, his take on the superhero genre. Chad is a professional game designer, this is his third table top RPG, his first is Dead Inside (where you do good things, like fight crime, be nice to people, etc. in an effort to regain your soul).

T&J is a table top game, and I think it would be a great way to tabletop CoH. I know someone else has the license, someone else has the license to StarGate, that hasn't stopped me from running an SG game using GURPS.

If you'd like to see more, there's a freebie PDF sourcebook out too, Dial S for Superhumans, any similarity to the Biomechanic listed in that book, and me, is of course, completely coincidental. ;)

I now return you to your regular CoH posts.

Currently Recruiting Supergroups?

I'm sure there are, but I was wondering if there were any active supergroups on virtue recruiting at the moment. I am part of one right now, but there are usually only like up to 4 people on at any given time. I'd really like to have something bigger to rely on. I'm sort of tired of making my own teams all the time, and no longer really playing with my SG.

Oh Thank gawd!!!

Straight from the Geko's mouth
From Geko

Just a quick note since this is a hot topic. Regarding the issue of Earth Thorn Casters stacking multiple Quicksands (and such).
Without getting into details, ALL CoT Thorn Casters have been reworked. The amount of control powers these minions have will be severely reduced or outright removed. Expect other related changes with all Thorn Casters.

This change will come in Expansion 5.
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Account Expired

My bank card expired not too long ago, and in the process of switching over, I'll admit I forgot to change my PlayNC account over to the new card info.

I got the notice today that my account expired.

I hate to say it, but I don't think I'm going to update and keep playing. While I love the game and the people I've played with, I don't have the time to keep up with it as much with my Master's program grinding on. I'd like to thank everybody I met and had fun with while playing the game, and while I don't remember everybody thanks to the brain damage that Master's study requires, they are, in no particular order: asmor, chaos_evolved, darclight, digitaldevil, jell044, tigerronin, and lunia (and whomever else I missed).

I'd also like to thank everybody here in the community, who have largely been a right good bunch. Who knows, I might be back after I pass my comps.

In any case, I'm handing over management of the Defenders of Fate to the other Spokespersons - if you're on Justice and need a solid group of experience players, look them up. They're a damn good crew.
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City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

Shimmershade on Guardian

Tonight was a good night for Shimmershade, my little Warshade on Guardian. She won 200K influence in a costume contest, and she also made level 14. Took Shadow Cloak. And, now that I have her suited up with DO's she's doing much better and is down to one bubble of debt, thank you very much!
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