July 13th, 2005


Justice Poz

i just dinged 16 on Justice and dont plan on playing the toon again until this weekend.
if anyone is interested, I'm thinking about a saturday night Poz after @Liz gets her Justice League fix.
just an FYI
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Test server updates...

Edit: Sorry, ends up this was posted already, and since I rarely miss a post here, I had assumed it hadn't.

Just setup the test server again to work on my film festival entry, and saw this in the update notes...

All Task Forces and Trials will now accept any player who has reached at least the minimum level of the Task Force or Trial to play it. Players above the maximum level of the Task Force or Trial will be auto-exemplared to the highest level of the Task Force or Trial. They will remain exemplared until they are no longer a member of the Task Force or Trial.

Thank you! Thank you!

also, its about time for this one...

Fixed bug in Terra Volta Trial that made it difficult for players to target the Coolant Belts.

Those were posted to the test server on 6/24, so hopefully they'll be live soon. (Its the update right after the latest update on the live server)
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Tankers and scrappers and balance

I haven't been playing much lately because, frankly, I'm bored. Most of my characters are tankers or scrappers (I like the close in fighting), and the game is just no challenge past 30 with a well built tank or scrapper, unless you do nothing but take on DE, Malta and Carnies. And then, it's not so much that it's a challenge, but a case of either being perfectly fine or slowly dying (or possibly quickly dying when up against multiple sappers). I've actually cancelled my account until I5 hits, when I'll have some new and interesting stuff (bows, sonics, tweaked scrappers and tankers) to play with.

So, all that said, what should be done to balance tankers and scrappers? My personal take is that Tanker resistance should be capped at 80% instead of 90%, Kheldians 75%, scrappers at 50% instead of 75%, non-melee at 40%, and then leave everything else alone. That doubles the damage resistance based tankers and scrappers take, and those are the main problem. Defense based characters (SR, Ice, some of Stone) will then be more on a par with Invuln and Fire, takes some of the heat off of Dark (don't need to slot as much for the same effect), and makes the last power in Stone less be-all end-all.

If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd like to hear them.
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Yesterday, I was playing "just for an hour" when I got a tell from a lvl 38 tank to do a herding team. I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, so I said, OK. I get there and it's seven people standing around while the tank beats up the same group of folks for hours. I didn't mind, as it gave me a level, and I got to work on my resume (which is what I should have been doing, anyway). I'm just wondering tho, what's the benefit for the tank to have all of us in their mish, but none of us fighting? Wouldn't it go faster (and for the same xp) if we all fought, reset, then fought again?
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Daily Dosage of Doug: Dougter Evil (and Mini-Doug AND Austin Dougers!)

Like cockroach, Doug am back!

Doug decide that Doug am no evil enough. So! Doug get base in volcano with hot MAG-MA. Doug am going to build giant "laser". Doug want have frickin' sharks with frickin' lasers on head!

Oh yeah! Doug am...

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maybe I'm a weenie...


i'm a little frustrated with some of my regular playmates lately... they seem to think i'm incapable of making progress on my own. i'm sure they're trying to be nice but it's really torking me off the past few days. i realize i'm not the greatest player in the world... but i play this game to have fun, not to have other people do my missions for me.

does anybody who DOESN'T know me wanna team up? ;)

now i feel better.
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Respec for Grav/Kin controller...

I dinged 32 with Mass Master over the weekend, and have finally decided to use one of the two respecs I'm sitting on.  So...my plan is thus:

Exported from version 1.5A of CoH Planner

Archetype: Controller
Primary Powers - Ranged : Gravity Control
Secondary Powers - Support : Kinetics

01 : Transfusion acc(01)  hel(3)  hel(3) 
01 : Lift acc(01)  dam(5)  dam(5) 
02 : Gravity Distortion acc(02)  acc(7)  hlddur(7)  hlddur(9) 
04 : Siphon Power acc(04) 
06 : Hover fltspd(06)  fltspd(9)  fltspd(11)  fltspd(11)  fltspd(13)  fltspd(13) 
08 : Hasten recred(08)  recred(15)  recred(15)  recred(17)  recred(17)  recred(19) 
10 : Siphon Speed runspd(10) 
12 : Propel acc(12)  dam(19)  dam(21)  dam(48) 
14 : Swift runspd(14) 
16 : Health hel(16) 
18 : Gravity Distortion Field acc(18)  acc(21)  recred(23)  recred(25)  hlddur(27)  hlddur(29) 
20 : Stamina endrec(20)  endrec(23)  endrec(25)  endrec(27)  endrec(29)  endrec(31) 
22 : Speed Boost endrec(22)  endrec(31)  endrec(31) 
24 : Assault endred(24) 
26 : Tactics endred(26) 
28 : Wormhole acc(28) 
30 : Inertial Reduction jmp(30) 
32 : Singularity recred(32)  recred(33)  recred(33)  recred(33) 


01 : Brawl enhancement(01) 
01 : Sprint enhancement(01) 
02 : Rest enhancement(02) 

Some background: I'm respecing out of crushing field and the Jumping power pool. I'm thinking that six slotted hover, along with Siphon Speed and Inertial Reduction should get me around pretty well. One point of agony for me was dropping Increase Density. It's duration was so short that I pretty much never used it. Opinions? Is it a must have that I have been ignoring on my teams? I have my slottings up through 33 currently so you can see my initial plans for my sings. I plan on going with four Recharge Reductions and two damage...will that be enough for me to have three sings out at once?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Why I Don't Team Up

I like to solo. I'm a solo kind of guy, except when I'm teaming up with people I actually know in real life. When I play with my SG, we're usually all in the same apartment after a few beers, just having a laugh. almost every time I've teamed up with people I don't know, they've ended up annoying me, either by playing like baboons, by being pushy, or by utterly failing to communicate. Hence, I don't team up much with strangers.

That's cool by me. I like to sight-see in the game; there's a lot of cool stuff to look at, and lots of interesting plot-stuff to read through. I never get the time to do that when I'm teaming, because Captain Asshat or the Incredible Jerkmaster is usually bombarding me with tells asking me why I'm standing still.

And other people get wierd too. I actually used to have someone I quite enjoyed teaming with; he/she/it was cool, played the game well, wasn't pushy and didn't mind checking out the scenery. That partnership got broken up when the leader of his/her/it's supergroup got all over-protective and decided that I was in some way "taking advantage" after resetting a door mission so that the team leader would get better XP. Team leader was abusive and rude, burned through my mission at lightspeed so that we barely got any XP and then started sending me wierd tells. After that, my former teaming partner wouldn't have anything to do with me, which still makes me a little sad.

Not long after Scarab Sentinel's appearence in the comic book, I got pestered to team-up by another hero, and going against my gut feeling I agreed. I don't get a tremendous amount of time to play, but my new partner seemed to be on all the time. I'd log on for a quick mission in the morning, and he'd be there. I'd log on during lunch, same story. He out-leveled me pretty quickly, but still wanted to team up, which isn't much fun when I'm trading punches with a pack of Nosferatu and he casually blows the lot away with one blast. Great XP, sure, but that's not why I play the game. He was bossy too. He may be more experienced and knowedgable about the game, but personally I don't take kindly to being curtly ordered about. I play the game to feel like a superhero, not like the janitor.

So now I find myself avoiding him. I'm invisible all the time, which means my real-life friends can't find me either. I don't want to /ignore the guy, but I don't want to team with him. I haven't teamed up with him for over two months, but I get tells from him almost every day. The few times I come out of hiding, he's right there, and expects me to automatically team with him when he's now well over 8 levels above me. It's only a matter of time before I /ignore him, but it'd be a heck of a lot nicer if he'd just get the message all by himself.

Yeah, I know I'm being an anti-social idiot already. Thanks anyway.