July 14th, 2005


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It seems that my normal play time is not too popular at least on infinity(12-3am)... it discourages me from playing because i can never really do much lvl 21 blasters do not solo all to well is there anyone else out there having a problem finding teams?

unstoppable question

unstoppable has bailed me out of some sticky situations - but if i don't clear anything within hitting distance before the power drops me to death's door... it is not a pretty sight. does anyone know if 6 slotting unstoppable with endurance and health would help limit the big crash when the power ends ? or does slotting only affect the power while active and the crash will still be the same regardless ?
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Kheldian Questions

So I have a level 21 Peacebringer (Black Gargoyle/Pinnacle) and a level 11 Warshade (Agent Houston/Pinnacle). When I first started with them I was completely underwhelmed, but I really am finding them very enjoyable to play. I like the variety with their attacks and their powers. I use my PB for solo-ing mostly, as my WS is strictly for SG'ing, hence the lower level. My questions are this, though:

What is a good build for a PB? Which form is the best? What are the best powers? I use the squid form the most to do damage, as I've boosted up those attacks with DO's, and I really enjoy his Dwarf form but right now I'm not really doing any damage. I hardly use the human form, even though that has the most attacks. And because I hardly use the human form I'm hesitant to jump into the fitness pool with him.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thoughts on roleplay

One good thing about a superhero RPG is that you don't need to speak fake King James English to roleplay. But even CoH seems to develop its own rituals. On some servers people gater in Atlas Plaza and do lots of emotes. I don't mind, but it's not my style. I am really roleplaying by default. I mean, Winterlord can fly and summon ice swords at will, stuff like that. The player presumably can't do that, so it is a different world by default. And I enjoy this world. I enjoy being able to fly, I enjoy being able to beat up bullies and save the innocent. I enjoy growing into my powers, such of them as are fitting for my character.

That's why I hate it when people talk about XP and inf, powerleveling and kill stealing. They make it sound like we are wage slaves, not superheroes. We have to meet our quota of XP, otherwise we are fired, is that so? Sometimes I or Library Girl or both of us go back to Skyway and try to worm in on the task force, exemplaring even though we don't have any debt to pay off, just because it is my favorite task force and I love the sound of defeated clockworks. So what if I am delayed in leveling up? I am not paid to level up. I'm paying to have fun.

Sometimes it is interesting to hear other heroes' backstory and see their quirks. Sometimes it is boring... most people never become good writers nor good actors, and it can be really hard to tell them this without upsetting them. It can be hard even to get away, which is one reason why I prefer not to get involved with the Plaza RP in the first instance. I'll happily settle for just being a hero, without XP and inf and respeccing for the optimal build. And without "asl". (Although I would been amused if anyone ever ask me "r u a boy irl?")
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Task Forces

With the new changes to exemplaring for task forces, I am thinking about finally doing one. Unfortunately, I don't play very long or very often and have never actually done a Task Force in my year of playing this game.

So my plan is to get people to team long enough to let me start a task force, then have them all quit and I can slowly solo the thing over about a week or two of doing a mission or two every few days..

Question, What Task Forces can be done Solo?

I know that you need a certain number of people to start one, but do they have missions that require more than one person in them to complete?

The character I'm going to do this with is lvl 34, so I only need the info on the ones that she can get into.


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New CoV Screenshots

There are new screenshots posted to the gallery at City of Villains official site!

go check 'em out!
You don’t have to spend much time in Lord Recluse’s domain to realize that
there are many groups, and each has its own agenda. Arachnos troops on patrol,
Longbow soldiers at the ready, Crey scientists conducting mysterious research…
today’s screenshot update reveals just a glimpse of who you’ll encounter in
the world of City of Villains.
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