July 15th, 2005

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I5 test

who else is logging on to Test for the first time ever JUST to play around with the new powersets? I know I am. Here comes my bow defender and grav/trick arrow Controller ideas. Should we try to keep pics limited to a single post?
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Ah, the sweet sounds of an Issue going live on test...I've heard more people say "that's it, I'm quitting" than from tour groups in a lung cancer ward.

Of course, I believe them about as much as well.

Just so the word's out here, the sticking points are (as I read/understand them):

IH a click.
Controllers limited to one (or "one set") of pets out a time.
Controller holds given longer recharge time (to conpensate for the plus to damage on held foes).
AoEs given cap to how many mobs can be affected(AKA the Anti-Herder).
Variety of powers giving weaker defense buffs.
violet volt


I love comic book reality...

nothing like jumping into a group of Council soldiers with semi-automatic assault rifles and taking them all out with a BOW AND ARROW. :)

Why are the Devs so obsessed with Regen?

Seems like it's a fairly universal opionion that something seriously needs to be done with Super Reflexes to make it better, a fairly common opinion that Dark Armor needs help, and and also fairly universal opinion that Regen is the best Scrapper secondary.

Despite all of that, the devs continue to monkey with Regen, ignore Dark Armor, and go and hand out defense debuffs all around completely screwing the SR's even more. I don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't one of those "I'm all huffy that my pet power was changed so I'm going to quit" posts, but my level 28 DA/SR got his ass handed to him so fast I didn't even have time to go for the inspirations. I died twice, and I never die. I'm one of those "discretion is the better part of valor" types with zero debt badges across the boards. I'm just saying that I honestly don't get it.

Like there not being a person you can sell to in King's Row. I don't get that either.
Hmmm / Got a plan

New Badge?

I just logged on to the Test Server with my level 35 defender (to test out new power options), and got the Deathless badge upon logging in. (And yes, it took quite a while to log in.)

'You have proven that you are Deathless in your pursuit against evil.'

The icon for the badge is the same as for The Unyielding, et al, badges. It's located under the Achievement tab, and for me, near the bottom, after the Rikti monkeys badge.

Does anyone have any information on this badge?

Random new things noticed: I also noticed the Phalanx Reserve and Atlas Medallion icons have changd colors to blue and silver blue, respectively. Their text reads the same. And the hand icon for entering hazard zones, et al, is now huge.

I5 nerf combine harvester theory

(Courtesy of the voices in my head.)

Cryptic dev: We need some high-level content as well in this issue. The natives are getting restless.
NCSoft suit: Only if you do it on your days off. We don't have budget for more in this issue.
Dev: But the high-level characters haven't had any challenge in months!
Suit: Hmm. OK, here's what we do. Power down ALL high level characters. That way they get their challenge, and we don't need to hire more artists. The code monkeys should be able to do this over the weekend if we throw in free pizza for them.
Dev: But...
Suit: No butts! Now get back to work.
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See you (maybe) in a few months.

Well with the changes on the test server I'm officially bailing on CoH for at least a month or longer. I figure it'll take that long for it to hit live and either stick or be changed. If it's changed to the point I can actually stomach the differences I'll come back but as it stands now... Not gonna happen. Suspending my account as I type this. I might be back before CoV I might not. With changes like this going on I probably won't. Guild Wars is more fun at the moment and cheaper per month (ie. free). If nothing else I'll finally have time to work on some projects of my own. It's been a pleasure meeting the lot of you. I will trawl through the members list and snag some of you to add to my friends list just so I can keep in touch. Take care and good luck.

(Note: Yes I posted way back with I4 that I was leaving but that post was written off the cuff and as a result of bugs and glitches rather than the actual game changes. This time is for entirely different reasons. Before I still wanted to play but was feeling like I couldn't, this time I've just lost the want to play and I've been sitting here for the last 6 hours pondering it.)

Edit Account deactivated. I feel... relieved? Sad that I won't talk to everyone much anymore but frankly I was spending more time chatting than playing.
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Controller I5 issues (aka nerfs)

Every other problem seems to have its own thread so I decided to start one about the controller updates with Issue 5.

Problem 1: Only one set of pets can be out at one time (only 3 imps, decoys, etc)
I have no real problem with this. It doesn't hurt too much and isnt a major change if you ask me.

Problem 2: Controllers now do double damage to foes that are held.
[sarcasm] Oh goodie. Lets see, I have exactly 2 attacks that do damage, one does on average does 20 damage at lv 38. The 40 damage will be very nice [/sarcasm]

Problem 3: AoE now targets a maximun of 10 enamies (some hit only 5, like taunt)
This one is annoying, but controllers get many holds, so it might not be as big of a deal. Just a lot more clicking

Problem 4: Controller AoE holds recharge has been doubled and their duration time has been cut in half.
And here's were the problem starts. What are the devs thinking? There are many people out there who already think controllers are useless, so you make us weaker?

So i'm going to be holding fewer mobs for a shorter amount of time.
Oh we get to do more damage now, but (as ive stated above) crap damage x 2 is still crap damage.
What were the devs on when they thought this was a good idea?

I know these aren't permenant, but I'm afraid if enough people don't complain then they will go live.