July 16th, 2005

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Why I hate I5

I was doing all my "filming" for the film festival on the test server since there would be less code to sort through from people running around in the background. Now I have to get lucky to even get on the servers, then stay on, and zoning, no matter when, seems to take forever! where's the consideration for us artists! screw your updates! We have films to make!

On a serious note, it cracks me up whenever people talk about the mass exodus of players whenever they release these "nerf" issues. CoH continues to grow no matter how many pages there are of people complaining on the boards. If it wasn't, and growth always had a nice steady incline, why would they update it at all? They're just fat cats, right? Just taking our dollars and doing what the ____ they want. They could be even fatter cats if they stopped paying people to work on updates and enjoyed the steady growth (in dollars) that will be seen from it. right? i'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way.

New Power Sets

through all this talk and moaning and groaning about I5. What i want to know is what everyone thinks about the new power sets...this discussion is limited to the defs and the blaster...what combo have you tried and what do you think

i have created an arch/dev blaster and a Sonic/nrg blaster, i havent gotten very far with the archer, but i got a few levels with the sonic blaster and it was fun. its an interesting change from my nrg/fire blaster main. the sonic attacks dont seem damage oriented...but they really need to work on the sound effects, i was on a team of 2 or 3 sonic blasters and defenders and the sound was pretty bad

what do yall think

Knockback complainers

I'm a tech Martial arts scrapper.

most of the time I team without upsetting anybody but occasionally I get people moaning about me using crane kick as it has a poweful knockback.

They moan especially in mishes where you're on the top floor or a cave or whatnot.

Does anyone else with uncontrollable knockback get these complaints?

Personally I wish they'd change it from knockback to knockdown.
Kamen Rider

Public Service Announcement


The changes on Test are not final.  That is why it's called "Test" and not "Live."  If you don't want these "silly" changes put through, fire up the Test client and start sending them the data.  I'm sure once everyone starts dying and etc they will either ease up or back off completely. 

Also, Stone/FF controller?  Remember to regard I5 as not even existing at the moment.