July 17th, 2005

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I5 Musings, Warwolves, Frozen Aura

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I have yet to try my tanker on the test server, but my other alts were really just concept characters so the nerfs aren't too bad (yet.) My emp is still the same, my tanker will probably hurt lots, my other BS/regen scrapper is still in his teens and hasn't felt the nerfs. Sure I hate the invuln changes, Melty is no longer a mini-tank, and my inferno got capped to 16, but I'm staying for now.

The end.
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Wana test?

Is there anyone on virtue who can team with me so we can test the bubble changes? I would like to do someone's mission on live, and then again on test. (Meaning the character would need to be copied over before we did the live mission). I want to compare damage taken, deaths, etc. I do actually have herostats running, which will tell me exactly how many buffs I gave out, how much damage I took, etc. It would be MOST beneficial to have the other person ALSO running herostats so we have solid damage numbers on both sides. That's why you'd need to be on virtue. I am willing to exemp (gasp!) to test this out. Just comment here, I will see it when I get home in the morning. Also, post the time that is best for you. Best for me is any time that is NOT midnight to 8am eastern (I'm at work then). And I'd like to do this within the next couple of days, since a friend is coming to visit later this week.


Actually, I kinda like that they're making scrappers less powerful.

My lv36 DM/Regen scrapper is a bit too powerful for her level & makes me seek out groups of WAY higher levels for a challenge.
It would be nice to be able to solo one of my own missions without getting bored - even on invincible.
Seriously, yesterday I went and took on an 8 mob group of DE lv40s (1 LT, 7 minions) just to see if I could do it.  The LT got me down to 3/4 health before he dropped & then the health bar returned to full and stayed there.

Granted, it's fun being a badass, but where's the challenge?

Kung Ru

Amused take on I5

I yanked this from a post I made in my own journal. Felt the need to post it here, because I amused myself too much with some things (which I'm sure aren't that amusing, I'm just sleep deprived while working on hour 11 of my workday) and because it sums up my first impression of I5.

Keep your tongue lightly planted in your cheek for this one. I'm not actally screaming DOOOOOM for this issue for a change. I'm just muttering it under my breath and all...

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Quick Tests

Tried out Bow/Bow and Sonic/Sonic defenders. Only got them to lvl 2... but are they sure they aren't putting out blaster damage on the defender secondaries? It just seems like and AWFUL lot of damage on both sets. Not that I would complain, but that's just a nerf target if I ever saw one.

Issue 5 Crap

So after doing a bit of reading and listing to the broadcast Channle I have just one thing to say about the changes. Now keep in mind that I am not part of the test server and I have not seen any of the changes, so I will be seeing them when Issue 5 officially comes out for everyone.

My comment is. IT IS JUST A GAME! Who cares what they did to what? Who cares what powers got changed? In the long run of your life dose it really matter all that much?????

I play the game because I enjoy talking with friends of mine, teaming with them and roleplaying my characters that I create. Everything else is candy.

That is all I have to say on that.

(no subject)

I, for one, am on the test server now because of my new character, an Archery chick. (Yes I posted names for her earlier, I made The Harper Agent on test) Anyways, long story short, she's going to be hitting lvl 6 soon, and I started to think about what powers I want to give her.

She's a defender, with the Archery powerset, and I was thinking of how I could best make her, and keep her to her concept. A Harper Agent. (This is gonna be one for you D&D fans out there to help with)

For powerpools, I'm thinking I'll give her Fitness and Stealth. Fitness will enhance all her normal inherant abilities, so running won't be so bad, and stealth will allow her to sneak around. Any comments?

Li'l Supers Club

My husband and I have two kids, ages 3.5 and 2. Sometimes they see one of us playing CoH, usually Toly, because I have no chance to play if the kids are up and about. ;) We started telling them that the bad guys were "robots" and we were trying to stop the bad robots from doing things.

Up until now, our daughter's usual response is "stop them from fighting! They should not fight!" XD

But today:

At the magic store: "There's books there! I want a book! What's behind that door? Are Cowabungas out there?" (no, we don't know what she meant either) "There's the firecrackers!" As he kicks on superspeed, she runs in place. Firecrackers cover a lot of ground in the CoH universe for her. ;)

"Where is he going now? Oh, the train station! Does he need to get a train ticket?

"There's bad robots in Daddy's computer! Where are the robots now? I have to stop the robots!" and she does the overhand maneuver of his fire blaster's Snipe attack. "Use the firecrackers to get rid of the robots, Daddy!" Then she kept doing the hand gestures for his various attacks. Oh my.

...Both kids now daily ask for a cape, too. I can make one out of a medium towel and a safety pin, but I don't make them do a mission first! XD
Flame On!

transfer character

Test Server question: Can the character I create on the Test server be transferred over to a live one without having to recreate them all o'er again from lvl 1?
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logging in

Anyone else having issues logging in?

My computer just sits trying to connect to updater.

not only that but it's painfully slow getting to coh's site.

I don't have problems with any other sites....

(no subject)

Ok, I don't know if I am out of the loop or what, but what is this about a new version, tests, and new powers? I see nothing new in the game.
PLEASE pardon my ignorace.


Figured it out, and for anyone else out of the loop, you have to.... well, let me copy/paste.


Here’s how to install the test server client:

1. Locate the "CohUpdater.exe" file. If you installed the game from the retail cd, this will be in the game directory, which is "C:\Program Files\City of Heroes" by default.

2. Create a shortcut to this file.

3. Open the Properties for the newly created shortcut. In the "Target" window, add the following flag to the end of the line: [space]-test

5. Run this shortcut.

The first time you run the shortcut, you will be asked if you want to install the test client to the default directory. Choose "Yes" if you want to install it there, or choose "No" if you want to choose a different directory. It is recommended that you install the test client in a different location than your normal game client.

Once the test client is installed, you can launch the test client by using this same shortcut.



Went to the RP Conress in Skyway City tonight, on the Pinnacle server...what a blast.
I came in first in one Costume Contest and came in third in the Offical Costume/Bio Contest. Took home around 2 mill in prizes and talked with alot of fine heroes. Makes up for achieving debt max again, that happened earlier today.