July 18th, 2005

the guys on CoH

This is me on a soapbox.

I'm effing tired of all the males that play CoH thinking they are SOMUCHBETTER than me at the game because I'm female. I'm sorry, I've managed to make it to level 27 with minimal help from anyone. But it's grating on my nerves lately the amount of people, namely guys, who give me shit about my character build. Or the people who don't give me shit but wanna tell me I should have this power or that power because the powers I have now are no good. I like having flying. I like having group fly. I like being a dark melee/dark armor scrapper. I like having teleport. Would stamina have been a better choice? Sure, it prolly would've. But I choose what I want and don't want, not anyone else. If people don't wanna team with me, then don't send invites. It's getting old really fast and I'd like to let the male CoH population know that they are not all that.

/end rant.
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What is it about Justice Server? And never...

Never get your lay out guy hooked to City of Heroes. I am working on our next book that is set to come out at Gen Con and my layout guy comes over to the office and sees me playing COH. Pretty soon he asks if he can make a character and try it. Now he's a addicted. Postive thing about that is he finishes up his tasks quicker just so he can play when he gets done. Plus he is geting the game and a new computer with part of what I am paying him for the Layout job so we can team up together in game.

As for the Justice Server, WTH? It's like pre pubescent immature kiddy land. Kill Stealers, annoying little chuckle heads spamming the broadcast channel and just...really scarey stuff...

I created some characters on Justice and the layout guys characters are on justice too and it is such a stark contrast with Protector where I started out playing. I actually had some jack ass follow me around last night trying to steal my kills!
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Riot Red

Wonderful weekend pickup team experiences...

Just so y'all know that the world isn't full of idiots and asshats... and because I need to brighten my Monday somehow...

I was about to log Bigscreen off Friday and quit for the night when I get a /tell asking me if I'm up for a quick mission against an AV. I consider for a moment, realize that just about any AV imssion at my level isn't necessarily going to be quick, and decide, what the hell, why not. I accept the invite, head to Founders' Falls, get into the mission, and start swearing. It's Oranbega. And I've yet to run a mission against Envoy that's gone smoothly. We are an invul/ss tank, 2 scrappers, a blaster, and Bigscreen (my kin/elec defender). Envoy is big and ugly. Not like I thought he'd changed since the last time I'd been face-to-face with him. But, y'know...

I'm feeling a little bit nervous. A little bit gunshy. I've got a tray full of blues (who knows why since I usually start dumping them when I've got that many). I stay at the back with the blaster. And... Envoy goes down in, like, 2 minutes, if it's even that long. I was utterly amazed. It was cool. And the tank was utterly delighted later against big groups when Fulcrum Shift made his Foot Stomp do mad damage.

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So... kudos to the uber-smack-laying pickup team who grabbed me to take on Envoy. And kudos to the 'fender and 'troller who stuck around with me through the end of the Sister Psyche taskforce where we smacked Clamor with the Rubber Chickens of Doom until she begged for mercy.
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I5: The Bigger Question

After spending most of the weekend on "Test," there are many questions that still remain. But I think questions such as:

Can Controllers and Tankers survive the nerf?
Will all the nerfs really go Live?
Will Defiance lead to more "Leeroy Jenkins!" blasters?

All pale in comparison to this question that arose in my mind after seeing all the new bow and arrow weilding heros who were running around Atlas Park:

Is Paragon City ready for six million Legolas clones?

This may prove to the the scariest invasion since the Rikti. ;)
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I5 and Health

No, not the Fitness power...

Anyone notice that there's a delay between when you're hit and when the hit is subtracted from your Health bar? Or when you take a Green Pill or use Healing Aura there's a delay between that and when your health goes up? This better not be intentional. The last thing I need is to be looking at my character take a hit, glancing at my health bar, and thinking it missed only to have my health plummet two seconds later.

Spent the weekend on Test server

Players who don't have high-level characters are likely to be satisfied with I5. The new power sets are if anything overpowered and are probably going to be nerfed after a while, at least sonic. I don't know much about controllers so won't comment on those. Scrappers are doing noticeably more damage. Blasters are powered up and have some interesting new tactics. Being a healer will be more challenging now that blasters may want to stay at low health to do more damage.

Objectively speaking, most tankers and scrappers will probably level at roughly the same speed, due to the higher xp and halved debt. However, it still feels like a nerf because we can remember beating up the same baddies we now run away from. The better your memory, the longer it will take to get used to the new approach, and the longer you will resent playing "City of Chickens". For new players there will be no such problem.

Invulnerable tankers are hit by several nerf bats and are now as squishy as some scrappers. I am not canceling the game, but I'm retiring my inv tanker for now. I played around with a spine/reflex scrapper and found it quite interesting after the powered-up damage. Stone and fire tanks are also still good. Generally this seems like a good time to switch to an alt which doesn't have memories from fighting higher-level mobs.

Cries of DOOOOM may have been premature, but I also think if they reserved some servers to stay at Issue 4, there would be a goodly number of existing players who chose to play there instead. (Kinda like the Classic servers on DAoC.) That's not going to happen unless there is a massive player exodus, though, and I don't think that will happen. But some of those who don't play alts will probably leave.

Oh, and the change to the tutorial was quite a letdown. I had looked forward to playing shoulder by shoulder with an AI, but it was just another "rescue the hostage" like we've done countless times before. Haven't tried the arson missions yet, but my expectation is not burning hot...

Anyway, the verdict so far: Some good stuff, but the psychological fallout from the "nerfs" will be painful for many high-level characters.
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Unstoppable! (until it wears off, then you're toast)

Not that I'm there yet, and not that I'm likely to get there before I5 comes out (which may or may not make a difference in the answer to this question), but...

I'm curious about Unstoppable.

One friend who used to play had an invul/ss tank and she hit Unstoppable (accidentally) while tanking Nemesis. And went down when it wore off because Nemesis was still kicking. She commented after the fight while we were talking about it that they should just give you your debt when you click it, rather than making you go through eating floor after it wears off to get it.

I know an invul/fire tank who just took Unstoppable at level... 40-something. I haven't seen it in action yet with her.

I know you can't perma Unstoppable, even with Hasten (which I don't have yet, but will get in the 30-somethings).

I guess my question(s) is(are)... is it worth it to get it? If it is, is it important to get it at 32 right when it becomes available? And is it worth it to six-slot it with recharge times if/when you get it (particularly if you have perma-Hasten)?

In a similar vein, I'm half-tempted to six-slot Rage with recharge reductions when I take it. Good idea? Bad idea?
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Enchanted Light

14-Day Trial

I have got to know: Is it over? I swear to you, I thought the 14-day trial ended sometime around July 4th? But recently a friend of mine mentioned in passing that his friend had received a pass just yesterday. Which is it?
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Mob spawns on Test

On the Test server, has anyone else noticed mobs spawning in odd places at Levels way in excess of what they should be for a given zone?

Yesterday, my little Level 5 blaster ran into a dozen Level 11 Skulls hanging out in Atlas Park. Today, six Council appeared out of nowhere in Galaxy while I was trying to take down some Hellions. And in King's Row, I went to attack some Level 5 Clockwork and right behind them were some Level 12s who promptly stepped in and sent me to the hospital.