July 19th, 2005

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Expanded foam polymer controller

Took Taxibot 54 over to test server to see how he does there.

As an L22 controller, T-54 has always been wimpy. Still ... he was able to solo groups of 3-5 equal to lower levels, white or blue con.
He was able to solo one red. He was able to handle two oranges and three yellows.

Of course, it mattered what they were, and how ranged their combat.

Tested out a swarm of trolls in the Hollows. He hit 8 of 8, Level 9 trolls. One hopes so. They also hit him, at least, the gunners did.
Not that it did more than chip the paint job.

Took him to IP and tried out a swarm of seven white-conning Council. Hit all but two, which I was able to hit with other holds, but then the first group wore off. While I managed to take out 3 of the bastards but then the rest got me.

Scaling down for other groups, same thing happened.

Finally, took on two Council, equal-con. Even though floating, one held guy kept shooting me. I hit them with Rad Infection and Enervating Field. It might as well have been gatorade. They hit MORE OFTEN.

So, yeah, controllers are borked rather badly at the moment.

Oh yeah... Button Man Whatever are now invisible once you reach blast range. Their weapons are still there, but the targeting reticule gets downright weird.
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dark/regen scrappers of LJ

Has anyone tried a respecification on test? I still had a spare, since Eryn Tzun (Virtue)never used any of hers.(She just hit 37 and I haven't bought new enhancements on live yet.)

This is what I tried out, it seems to work alright, although it's not slotted with the optimum enhancements at the moment. I might change around quick recovery and stamina since my endurance doesn't run out as fast anymore. I got rid of stealth, in favor of Dull Pain. I had never needed dull pain except at low levels before.
Any pointers on what I should do? Would having tough help negate things some? Or it just too early to try and rework things?

Also, has anyone noticed the damage output being a lot stronger? Or is that just my imagination?
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For those of you who have preferences, which scrapper defense would you take? I've heard a lot from various people, and I'm curious as to what the hub-bub is about. I'm personally a SR devotee, and have tried the other secondaries only to be disappointed. (To be fair, I haven't gotten any of the others past 14; my main is a 36 [in .5 bubble] SR and hardly ever dies. No debt badge there ;)

Poll #535313 Best Scrapper Defense

Best Scrapper Secondary?

Dark Armor
Super Reflexes

Explaining why you feel the way you do in the comments is also encouraged. ;)
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A look at Issue 5.

For people who aren't into playing on the Test Server, I'm posting all the pictures I took of CroatiaCroatoa and other new things coming for Issue 5.

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Someone want to let me know if there are more contacts in the new zone and where? I'd like my level 28 invuln/ice tanker to get a nice sample mission. Yeah, I like Funishment.
Okay I found out you get them from Gordon Bower, Skipper LeGrange, Buck Salinger. That's for science, although it looks like Magic starts off with Maria something. More info after I play. We have to exemp down to get through more than one mission of the actual arc. :/

edit: Fixed the typo, sorry about that. It's what happens sometimes when adding things last minute. heh
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I was playing at normal heroic level (I'm level 35) and was just ambushed by 4 level 38 Nemesis in Skyway, that's not right surely? usually the ambushes are at your level or 1 above.
Ok, so I handled it, the only explanation I can come up with is it was someone elses ambush and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(I know, it happened to a level 10 recently when he was standing next to an ambush of 35's in Steel, he didn't last long).

Introduction to the community (I hope)

Hello, all:

I've been playing COH since March of this year, and though time has been against me, I've managed to get at least one character, Ravenesque, a dark/dark defender, up to 15L on the Liberty server. I've since created at least five characters on Infinity two days ago in order to have some variety on different servers, and have five characters on Liberty.

Offline, I'm a tabletop gamer who really likes the superhero genre. When I first logged on to Liberty, I concentrated on RP'ing my first character, Sol-Prime, along with some friends who went with the planetary/Olympian theme. Somewhere along the way, I stopped RPing and just concentrated on getting through what I've seen termed "The Grind."

I joined this community two weeks ago, and I saw mention of the differences and idiosyncrasies of each server with regard to the expectations of their player population. Last night, I was the victim of a killsteal on Infinity, so I figured now was as good a time as any to ask: I was wondering if anyone could, briefly or otherwise, either detail the gaming climate, good and bad, of each CoH server, or point out a link online where that information already exists?

Thanks in advance for your patience with a noob. :)
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