July 20th, 2005

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SR scrapper question

Does adding more dots to quickness make your stuff come back faster?

I know you can only put run speeds in them (even though it would make sense to put in attack rate increases), but I don't know if that would make attacks come back faster or if it would just make me run faster.
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(no subject)

How and why did you get into your current supergroup?

I'm curious, because I always see people walking around yelling about their supergroups, sometimes spamming me with supergroup invites.
The other day I actually accepted one to get some new colors for my toon and then I realized they spelled Paragon "Pargon" and then I just shook my head and seceded.
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head tilt, aeryniana

Issue 5 Croatoa map

People who want to keep the new zone mysterioius and like hunting down the plaques and badges can skip this one. I promise I'll keep it secret if you don't want to know!
Vidiotmaps did post a an updated interactive Croatoa map, I just haven't looked at any COH maps in such a long time that I didn't think to look this early for my list the other day. The badge list is updated as well.
They're getting much quicker at these things.

edit: since the in game map is a bit frelled and doesn't align correctly, it's best to find the contact or a landmark relative to the plaque to spot it with ease. Otherwise you can use the /loc command to match the coordinates on the badge chart.
vidiotmaps IS correct, in game: STILL FUBARed. Also of note, the badges are there, but it's not crediting all of them.
Funny that.
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(no subject)

Yay! Angry Aunt Flo FINALLY dinged 42! only 8 more levels to 50.

Now if only I could keep my silly scrapper butt from joinging AV missions that kick my butt and dying, I might be on my way hahah!

My slots for level 31

So my Invuln/axe tank is about to hit level 31 and I'm not sure what to spend the slots on. I know two of the slots are to finish six slotting Stamina (since I will need all my toggles after I5). I am thinking of putting the last slot in Invincibility. It has three slots now; 1 end reduc and 2 to-hit buffs. I figure after I5 the extra slot can be used for either a def buff or a taunt duration. Does that sound like a good plan?

Also, I had planned on getting Unstoppable at 32 for fun, but now I think I will be getting Resist Physical Damage. I hadn't needed it before because I was at the dam resis cap with just TI and Unyielding. That won't be the case after I5. Now I know most folks will say wait until after I5 goes live to make both the decisions, but the slots I can't wait on.

Any input people can give would be great.
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Just saying "Hello" and "I'm new" and all that other stuff.

Hello. I'm mowdownjoe. I've been playing CoH since October. Took a brief break after I4 hit. Came back. Everything was A-OK and all that cheery crap. Most of my characters are on Guardian with a few lowbies on Virtue and Triumph. On Guardian, excluding my lv. 50 AR/Dev, my highest non-retired characters would be my Warshade (lv. 23 currently). I do have a couple of characters between my Warshade and my 50, but... I dunno, something that just seems a tad boring about a Fire/Ice tank and a Katana/Regen, both in the 30s, that doesn't hold my interest. Ah, well.

In real life, there isn't much to say. I like video games, have to watch what I eat (digestive problems run in the family), like the TV show Monk, and my current non-computer-related obsession is the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (and all the other books in the series... granted, I'm only up to chapter 3 of "Life, the Universe, and Everything").

Overall, looking forward to chatting it up and sharing my experiences.

(no subject)

I just bought a new computer, which is pretty good. I decided to install my City of Heroes on the new computer. After I downloaded the whole thing and began playing, there was some serious lag. It was lagging so bad I couldn't really see where I was going or really what I was doing. Does anyone know why it would lag so much? Or how to change the performance of the game? I would highly appreciate it. I thought maybe it was because my internet connection. Maybe I will look through the menu of the game and turn down the graphics or something.
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