July 22nd, 2005

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Attack of the Alts

Last night I created a new toon on Triumph (ice/ice blaster) and played her up to Level 5. This morning I woke up and decided I didn't like the name I picked for her. This evening I will delete her and start over.

Does anyone else do this? On a regular basis?

It's gonna be slower going than I've grown accustom to, as well. My only other alt on Triumph is not even Level 10. Not like Guardian, where I have three toons over Level 30 that I can tap for funds to keep my lowbie alts' slots filled.

Newbie to testing - info please

I've been running my Controller over on Test. Now, to me, she seems to be quite effective solo against even cons - I'm not dying any faster or more often than I had been before, and I really can't tell much of a difference in recharge times (even though I know they're there).

I'd like to test properly and hand over my findings to the devs, but I'm unsure how I'm supposed to do that, or even *what* I'm supposed to be telling them.

Anyone more learned got a method for me? How should I be going about this testing thing? The math some people are spouting on the boards is totally going over my head, here.

Dark Armor - Cloak of Fear

So, who's going to respec out of CoF when i5 goes live? I entirely accept that making Lieutenants cower was too powerful, but without that, the fact that Rikti Drones and Nemesis soldiers and doubtless many other things have Fear protection or immunity makes it marginal.

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how would I go about re-rolling my character he is an ice/ice blaster i hate it most of the time the only thing i really like is ice patch... its funny...
I am pretty sure i want energy as my main type is energy manipulation any good? whats a good secondary? and how do i go abolut rerolling him?
i know i have to do a TF at 24 and thats about it.


I was driving to work this morning and this beautifully ingenius thought came to me: An MMO in which your avatar is an MMO player.

There would be classes and origins for each class.

For example, the D00d class would have origins like Really Good Job But Doesn't Really Have To Work So He Has A Lot of Free Time; 13 Year Old With Rich Parents; 13 Year Old With No Real Life Friends; etc.

As the D00d levels, he gains access to multiple accounts, has resistance to timesink fatigue, but he loses points in eloquence and typed English (if he ever had them!).

You would have multiple skill lines to progress, like forum posting, game feedback and testing, trolling, and, of course, gameplay ability.

Opponents in the game would come in the form of schoolwork, jobs, spouses, children, sick pets, dates, and competiting games to play.

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Remember when there used to be little fun things in the game we looked forward to? I especially miss these two:

~ Getting a Nemesis Staff for all your friends. This didn't hurt anyone's game play and couldn't be used for powerleveling. It was just a fun little bonus if your character happened to get that mission. I wish there were more bonuses like this in the game.

~ Getting tons of XP from the Hatched Krakens in the Sewer Trial. I can see how farming them could be used for powerleveling so making the trial timed makes sense. But why bump down the XP? When we are able to accept it as a mission we are at a really tough time in our leveling careers. The massive XP that was gotten from them was a fun boost to my moral.

Maybe there are still some fun things like this left in the game I just don't know about yet or I've forgotten about. I'd love to be enlightened and/or to share your memories of the good ol' days.