July 23rd, 2005


After 480 hours of playing (many, many hours of which were spent taxi'ing), Taxibot Alpha has finally hit 50 on Virtue! TREMENDOUS thanks to Thornbush and Liz and Eryn Tzun, without which it wouldn't have been possible. And, fortunately, I was able to grab a Collapse ) of the ding that i'm quite fond of. Tomorrow begins the life of the warshade Alpha Reborn!

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So I'm in a group on Guardian, and just after I hit 20 we finish the mission and disband, and I go level up (Stamina for my ice tank, yes!) and then decide to run my costume mission. And as I start my run across Steel Canyon, I get a blind invite.

I decline, and then I reset myself to "not looking". I'd had the looking for anything flag up even though it was the end of the night for me and I was getting ready to log. Easy mistake on their part, right?

Wrong. Ten minutes later I get another blind invite from the same guy.

So... I accept. And then go about my business, ignoring the team, not saying anything to them, and wondering how long before they decide to kick me. In the meantime though, they can't blind invite me a third time. Oh, and it turns out they're doing an Atta mission in the Hollows -- not exactly what I want to be doing at level 20 anyway.

I finish off my "hunt 30 Tsoo" mission and head back to Serge. I spend some time working out the costume. I keep hearing beeps from team chat, and twice I hear the distinctive sound of a direct tell. Might be them asking me if I'm coming, or might be some random idiot asking something stupid like "can I be your sidekick?" (This happened earlier in the evening to me, someone I didn't know who wasn't on my team kept begging to be my sidekick, for whatever reason).

After a long time I have my new costume set, and exit the costume change screen. I still haven't been kicked, after probably thirty minutes of no communication whatsoever. I scroll through the team chat to see what they've said to/about me. All I can find is someone asking if I'm afk, and then the leader sending me two tells: "afk?" Which is kinda funny because if I am, you wouldn't expect me to reply with a "yes", and since I didn't reply the first time why would you need to ask a second time?

But anyway I logged at that point, without ever saying anything. Hey, if you're going to send me multiple blind invites without ever explaining what you're up to, I figure I have no obligation to actually pay attention to what you're doing after accepting the invite. ^_^


I just got done doing a craptastic DE cave mission with my rad/rad defender. I died a couple of times because even with radiation infection on, the DE could still cast pets (cairn, quartz, fungi, etc.) and the jerkoff Fungoids could still cast Swarms. Is that a bug? With RI, their chance of hitting me should be less than 10%, but it seems that they were able to cast the pets and Swarm anytime they wanted to. The quartz is the one that kills me because it cancels the effect of radiation infection.

I'm trying hard to catch up to my girlfriend's level 37 controller, but I'm only at 35.3 now and I've got a lot of debt to burn off.