July 24th, 2005

Green Starburst
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PLing the night away...

Not only did I ding 30 tonight (finally!) but big, BIG thanks to Evil Rage on Liberty for asking me to anchor for him for a few missions, which got me to 31 after just a few missions! w00t! Plus I finally got back up to a million influence to boot.

(It's kind of cool to PL once in a while, especially since I've been finding it hard to team lately, and since I wasn't going around begging "PL MEH PLZ!" and he actually felt I was helping him out, it was a nice deal all around.)

Now it's off to do my aura mission...
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Officer Friendly

Currency exchange

I've recently started a couple of characters over on Virtue, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a currency exchange between Freedom and Virtue characters? I have about 40 million influence between multiple Virtue characters and would like to move a little bit of it (like 2 million or so) over to Freedom. If anyone is in the reverse position (wanting to move some influence to lowbie characters on Virtue, please drop me a note.
  • syrusb

Cavern Trial.. success!

I just want to send out thanks to Thornbush (as Metalonia), JeremyM (as Warshade Fayline Grylore), Adriellyn (as Shiellass), Mouse Tekk and Lady Phyre (from my SG), Isamu Katashi and Barry Balrog (a fire/dev blaster who knows when to use Rain of Fire properly), for making a successful run of the Cavern of Transcendence Trial on Justice server last night. For those four not in the LJ community, if you ever group with them, be not afraid, for they know their stuff!

Having someone with Grant Invisobility and someone who can tp really helped. And as for the Trial.. well it wasn't too bad. Just the group of igneous guarding Sam Wincott. They were a bitch.

So now I have an ice/fire blaster I can play again!

(no subject)

Okay, being both a City of Heroes player and a Heroclix player (though I haven't played the former in months due to a lack of computer to properly run it), I was ecstatic to see Statesman get his own HC figure. Now that he's getting another one, and other CoH NPCs are getting their own, I just had to ask:

Let's say CoH spun off into their own subsection of Heroclix like Marvel, DC, or Indy (though if anything, CoH figures would probably be housed under the Indy Heroclix banner, this is for argument's sake). If your CoH character were in the assortment, what would it be like?

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bind command possibilities?

Does anyone have info regarding the /bind command-- specifically combining 2 commands? I've seen people somehow combine 'dance' with 'sit' (or something, can't remember what) and it made the player sit strange, or appear to break dance. It wasn't very intuitive what the result behavior would be.

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So, I now know that it was my ATI Radeon Xpress 200 that was making my COH lag so much. I just bought a ATI Radeon 700X, or whatever. And it works great. The graphics are amazingly good. But now I have a whole other problem that is occuring with the computer/CoH. While I am playing City of Heroes the game freezes. I don't know if it is my shitty eMachines computer, that I really regret buying, or just City of Heroes itself. Does anyone have or had the same problem? Should I just uninstall CoH, and re-install it?


Okay, so since I have been so very frustrated with all this stuff I decided to search and search for an answer. I have come to a technical forum that says that it might still be the ATI Radeon and even the sound. One person on the forum said they were also having the same problem but downloaded a driver cleaner and a BETA driver for Sound Blaster. He said that he also uninstalled all the drivers. Then use the driver cleaner to make sure they are really uninstalled. Then, finally, restart and install them again. I am not too sure if this will work. But, I guess, there is no really reason not to try.
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