July 25th, 2005

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I wanted to thank those that teamed with me earlier this sunday, it was an amazing team, no healers, but we were so good we never needed one.
We took on tons of mobs and they were gone in usually less than a min.

My char's name is Ignasius, on the Liberty server. :)
I am posting this incase any of y'all are on this community.
Mist Movie Shadow

Rad / Rad, current and future

Seems like there's a lot of renewed interest is this powerset. I am loving it so much I am thinking about putting my WS on hold. Last night my perma team did the raider respec mission and we have NEVER had an easier respec. There were two deaths during the entire thing and it was from proximity mines, that and it took us about an hour to do the respec.

Inv/Fire tanker ( I'll admit I was leary of that combo when my SG mate decided to test it. Now I am convinced that's the best set for tankers. His primary attacks are Fire circle sword and combustion, he out damages the fire/fire tanker we have on the team now. That and he takes little damage compared to the fire fire tanker)
Fire/Fire tanker. flame on yo
Earth/Rad controller, love this set and am amazed how the sound effects can blank all others.
Mind/Rad Controller , love the mind holds
Claws/regen scrapper, slicer dicer
and finally....

Rad/Rad blastfender.

So I took the respec and did what's below the cut. After it was said and done I tested it out and was really happy with it. I was honestly a little leary of tough but with the upcoming changes I wanted something to mitigate aggro from debuffs / AOE's. I only gave myself 3 attack powers and my neutrino bolt is slotted to do what Xray was doing , damage wise, before. Oh.. and before I get to the guts of the changes, 3 AM's up at the same time turns us into a big massive glob of damage dealing people.

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Trick Arrow as Controller secondary

Am I the only one who thinks that Trick Arrow is rather, oh, redundant as a Controller secondary? I rolled up a concept 'toon (as always) on Test to try out Earth Control/Trick Arrow. I immobilize a foe with my Fossilize, and then I immobilize then again with Ice Arrow? WTF? I'll reroll the toon (tryggva) on live 'cuz I like the concept, but really.
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I apologize for asking.

However I am looking to get better performance out of CoH when I play. Currently I have to damn near turn all the graphics all the way down to play. (It's even worse on my laptop).

I would like suggestions as to some good video cards to buy or said purpose. I like NVIDIA cards, but if you think ATI is better, then let me know. Also, would anyone happen to know of a video card for a laptop that I could have installed to play CoH Currently I am using a Geforce FX Go5200 in my Dell, and I can't play for $h!+ on it. (Granted prior to Issue 4 I could play fine) CoH Support has officially told me that my video card sucks, and that I should either buy another one or Get Bent(tm).

If there is a FAQ or you basically think I should RTFF please point me in the correct direction. Thank you for your time.



Kyokushinkai - Level 39 Martial Arts/Regen Scrapper
Rei Ryokazaki - Level 15 Katana/Super Reflexes Scrapper
Misia Ryokazaki - Level 10 Spines/Regen Scrapper
Ra Adbul Omar - Level 10 Fire/Ice Tanker
(Gee if you can't tell I like Melee Toons)
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Aww, Poor Rikti...

Call me crazy, but when the evil alien masterminds bent on world destruction catch the chicken pox and are going to die from it, I pull up a chair, grab a cold drink and watch it all go down. I sure as hell don't go to some guy in Atlas Park for a cure so they can get better. Do HG Wells, biological warfare, and basic logic not exist in this world? Anyone else think that's a particularly bizzare set of missions?