July 26th, 2005


Cavern of Certain Death… uh, I mean Transcendence

Last night, the insruitable Ex-calibur (that's me) managed to pull together a complete team of random folks hanging out in The Hollows and have a go at the Cavern of Transcendence trial.

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My plan for next time:
  • don't be stupid
  • provide more direction for the team if nobody else is doing it
  • bring more firepower
  • do a mission together before hitting the Cavern
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heat lightning 2

Don't think too much about it

My husband (who plays SL36 fire/elec blaster) is soloing right now and he picked up an enhancement in his inventory.

Him: "What the? I got cyberhips?"
Me: "Going to put a little wiggle in your walk?"
Him: "No, seriously, it says cyberhips. What, I looted some guy's hips? That's some serious hewing!"
Me: "Picking up the telescoping eye enhancement didn't faze you, prying his eyeball out."
Him: "Well, the eye might have a mechanical mount or be a screw-out type - but no way I'm ripping some dude's hips out of his abdomen! That's freaky!"

Ah, the joys of thinking too deeply about a game... ;D