July 27th, 2005

Best team ever.

It's entirely possible that I have discovered one of the best teams ever. We managed to shoot through about 3 missions in the 30-33 range in about an hour, and none of us lost more than 50% health at any point. Our team was as follows:

Red-Dragon: Illusion/Radiation Controller
Wizard G: Illusion/Radiation Controller
Imaginary: Illusion/Radiation Controller
Black Rose: Illusion/Kinetics Controller
[Guy whose name I can't remember # 1]: Illusion/Kinetics Controller
[Guy whose name I can't remember #2]: Illusion/Empathy Controller
Xanthus (me): Gravity/Empathy Controller
Funky Dragon: Ice/FF Controller

None of the mobs could move, and those that could were debuffed so badly that they may as well have stood still. We had so many Phantom Armies out that at times we couldn't actually walk around fences or down corridors for all the pets in the way. We had triple stacked AM, so our powers recharged crazily fast, and double stacked RA so that we could keep using them when they recharged. On top of all this, we had Funky Dragon bubbling the crap out of us so that if any of the bad guys did break through our PA, they wouldn't be able to hit us anyway!

I couldn't see why they were nerfing controllers holds and pets for I5, but now I do. Teams like this are stupidly effective, when they really shouldn't be. Still, the double damage really won't help to balance it out because we'll just use our damaging powers to bolster the pet offence we've got.
downton abbey bells


Kelly is .25 pips away from 49 and finally got Portal Jockey tonight.

Here are her badges.

and .

I'm a badge fiend, the only one I can't get is Isolator.


Oh and I am SO going to miss this when I5 goes live: . I'm waist deep in a sea of metal! =D
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Looking for RP based Supergroup

I am looking to get into a bit more roleplay in CoH, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some RP intensive Supergroups?

Dead Man's Hand - 17 ill/ff controller, Champion Server
Mr. Jackson - 15 dark/dark scrapper, Guardian Server
Jacob Wraith - 5 ma/sf scrapper, Virtue Server

Defense Cap and Ice Armor

So, does anyone happen to know the Defnese Cap for Tankers? And for those of you with Ice Armor tanks: Does it make sense to slot Wet Ice with Resists, by doing so, will it make the resist to mez stronger? Or is it already strong enough where you don't need to, and can just get away with slotting it with Def Buffs? Just rolled a Ice/EM tank on Virtue and am trying to not waste too many slots on the defenses and instead throw them into the almighty god of Tanker Secondaries that is Energy melee.
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