July 28th, 2005


Empathy/Dark questions

I'm finaly going to make the Empathy/Dark defender that I have been planning on making for quit some time. So now I have a few questions.

Do I need Stamina if I take prema-Hasten and RA?

Do most people take all three of the heals (Healing Aura, Heal Other and Absorb Pain)?

From level 1 through 20 I plan on only taking three dark powers (Dark Blast, Moonbeam and Tenuberous Tentecles). Am I missing out on a really good dark power? I plan on a more team oriented build.

I will probably take Superspeed as my travel power. Normally if I had to take Stamina, I would get Hurdle to get some extra verticle on SS. Since I may not need Stamina, would Combat Jumping be a better verticle? That way I could get SUperjump later if I wanted.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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So, I've got a 15l Dark/Dark Defender on the Liberty server whose build seems to be really working for me as I climb her up the ladder. She's really effective as a solo or as team support.

Ravenesque has got:

Dark Blast
Fearsome Stare
Tar Pit
Howling Twilight
Twilight Grasp, and,
(the debuff centered on one target that affects an area whose name I forget)

Despite recommendations from certain online guides to max-slot Hover to get a Fly effect, I took both Hover and Fly (just couldn't wait to be able to move faster!)

My usual tactic solo is to Moonbeam a target (if it's in a mob), throw a Fearsome Stare, followed by a Dark Blast, followed by another, then hit them with Moonbeam again when it's recharged at this time. If I'm teamed up with someone, and I've aggro'ed a mob, I will throw down a Tar Pit just before I hit the group with the FS (one slot, which is maxed ACC), then start picking off targets, FS'ing occasionally to keep them in check from attacking. Sometimes I'll throw down the AOE debuff to ensure that their counterattacks while suffering fear don't hit.

Is there any other power in the sets that I should look forward to getting? Any other tactics I should consider with the powers I have now?
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Red Kronos

So I'm goofing around last night when someone in the LegionOfCatgirls channel wants to know if anyone wants to take on the Malta Titan Red Kronos.

This is a mission I've never done. In fact since my level 50 is a fire tank I'd always avoided Malta missions completely... but I always wanted to fight the big bot. This was happening on Guardian, where my highest level was a 24th level warshade, but I'd recently gotten my ice tanker to level 22 and fully outfitted her with SO enhancements (with the help of the same person offering the shot at Red Kronos).

Anyway, I took Miss Avalanche there, sidekicked to level 49. I was wary of how an ice tanker could handle tanking something like this -- I've heard many stories of Ice Tankers getting one-shotted by AVs, since an Ice Tanker is like a Super Reflex scrapper -- all defense, no resist, all about not getting hit in the first place, but if you do get hit it's for full damage.

We called in a lot of other help ahead of time, and in fact the tanker in the other team that helped us was also an ice tanker, and throughout the fight either he or I had the big bot's attention most of the time, and we did fine. I got hit hard once, but it was only about 1/3 of my health bar, and that was easily fixed.

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accolade me!!

just a quick self-celebration... my main (Eladrei, lvl 40 blue blaster) just got her Freedom Phalanx Reserve accolade last night! OOOOOH shiny and purple and more HP!

okay okay, /gloat off


anybody who ever wants to play on infineato, send me a tell. :)
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Old account still operational

Well, after many tries on the FTP to get the updater, I finally got a hand from brennan068
which made things a LOT easier.

It seems my toons are still alive and well on Freedom.

I have a lvl 16 tanker invul/SS named DeathStar

and a lvl 26 blaster named Hellstar

Im still trying to get the keybaord keys right, so the game flows as much as posible, bu tthe controls are still a bit weird..

feel free to message me if anyone of you is on freedom, ill gladly team and listen to any good tips you might have.