July 29th, 2005

J'ohn loves his oreos.

Wanted: Cartoonist

All right, so I've been playing around with an idea in my head for a few weeks now. There are now far too many ideas for me NOT to do this...

...a Doug The Troll comic strip.

I mean, hell, why not? There's loads of internet strips out there. What's one more with a big, green troll in a leotard?

So, with that in mind, I need an artist. A cartoonist, if you will. The reason? I can't draw myself out of a paper bag. But I know how to write scripts. And I'd like to think I have a good grasp of that "humor" thing. I mean, what's so hard about throw cow crap on a field? Wait, that's manure. Sorry, that was a shitty pun.

Ahem, yes. A Doug The Troll comic strip. The ideas are endless. I've got about five seperate strip ideas already for one particular story:

Doug The Troll: Paragon City Hall intern.

Nuff effin' said.

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Maybe today wasn't so bad after all.

Did the Terra Volta respec with my L24 Empath/Rad, Girl Omega, the other day, and zoomed through it with the pickup that hired her on. Was shocked that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

So, when I was asked to run it again today, I was like 'enh. Piece of cake, and the XP's nice. Sign me up.'

I swear, saying 'piece of cake' is often a debt sentence in CoH.

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Adri prime

Some people's regular teammate has gone away

I'm off on holiday for two weeks. Will have only limited internet access at all, and only some of that will be better than dial-up. So, all instances of Taxibot Trini and Adriellyn (at least on the North American servers), among other characters, should be expected to be 'missing' for a while. Just in case anyone was looking for them. (:
laptop officedog

Has this been posted anywhere?

Is there a list somewhere of folks servers/names/global/whatever? I've chatted with a few folks in game and lurked/posted here. I wouldn't mind teaming with some of you, but--short of copying down your info when it comes up in a post--I don't know how to find anyone.

If there is a list, where? If there's not, how 'bouts we start one?

Global: @officedog

Primary toon:
Victory: NeverCallMeFifi blaster-lvl37

Other toons:
Victory: Officedog controller-lvl10
Infinity: Schoolgurl defender-lvl27
Infinity: Puny Human defender-lvl14
Freedom: Elena (sp?) defender-lvl14
Champion: Solarus tank-lvl21
Also have three lower level chars running around, but for the life of me can't remember what server they're on atm.

build guides

Does anyone know of a good site where they have what would be the best builds for each AT? or something like you can pick the AT, then choose the primary and secondary powers and they will give you the 'ideal' build for it?
the only forum i use other than this LJ community is Gameamp and they don't have what i'm looking for.
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Firebase Zulu

I finally hit lvl 43 yesterday, and realized I haven't been to FBZ yet, so I went and completed a couple missions to check the place out.
I love it there. Wisps in groups piss me off, but they're squishy too, so as long as I can maintain my health while getting psychic attacks I can crush them all in no time at all. Pretty much all the creatures there seem to be squishy actually.

I wonder why there aren't that many people in FBZ. I found that the geysers function perfectly the way they should if you just walk up to them and let go of the keyboard. All I ever heard from people was that they miss all the time and you need fly or tp to get around properly.
Most convenient of all, to get back, all you need to do is drop off an island and you land at the main island by the portal. It's great.

I can't wait to storm the castle.
downton abbey bells

(no subject)

Kelly hit 49... what should she pick?

Poll #542259 My choices are so exciting =P

What should I get at 49?

Shiver (ice slow power)
Rain of Fire (ranged, AoE DoT)
Blaze (nearly melee range high damage attack)
Bonfire (Fire EPP)
Another power

If you selected another power, what would it be?

Thanks! =D
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