August 1st, 2005



So me and robotman got new Graphics cards so we can play city of heroes again and now we have 2 accounts! I am very excited we are quantum Phoenix (energy/energy blaster) and Coral Venom (Katana/dark Scrapper) played a few missions it was fun i can't wait to play more with him... i love calling him names in game because he is sitting right next to me... its funny... now that we are running city of heroes on a faster computer its awesome! anyways... good times!

Build Advice

I decided to make a Pulp style hero, and I've found an Invul/SS Tanker does well, I know I want Fighting, but I'm unsure what other powerpools to take. I'm rather positive I should get Fitness and probably Hasten...the trick is though concept is very important to me. Any powers from Invul/SS sets not worth taking?

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Got my first accolade, yeah baby.

As my empath rises to the highest level I've played so far, I picked up the Atlas Medallion after duoing with a SG-mate through the string of Tobias Hansen missions over on Striga.

As much as I like the End boost (5 more End, whee! :P ) I don't think I *ever* wanna see a vamp or were again. Guh.


On the other hand, I'm slowly creating a lovely stockpile of temp weapons for a rainy day. Gotta love the Holy Shotgun Shells, yes sirree.

What temp powers out there are a 'do not miss this?'

(edited to add: And now I have the wolf whistle. Utterly lovely.)
Rev Corwin

Even in Paragon City, No Means No

I was running about King's Row last night, solo street-hunting with my level 9 mind/kinetics controller. Apparently that particular combination is in some kind of demand, as I usually get several blind team invites with her. Last night was no exception, including one from someone who hit me the second I stepped out of a door mission. As a rule, I decline all such blind invites, but they don't bother me overmuch, until the guy won't take no for an answer. Like Mister Cold, who hit me with at least 4 before I finally globally ignored him.

It would seem to me that after the second, if not first, invite, you might get a clue that the person you're inviting doesn't want to team with you for whatever reason. And you'd think if you really, really, really wanted that person to join you anyway, you might send a tell or two explaining the compelling reasons why, or at the very least saying hi. But nope, Mister Cold, it appears, either lacked the most basic ability to communicate with another sentient being, or hasn't quite mastered the tell command. Either way, I now no longer need to deal with any of his characters on any server.
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holy green love, batman!

so 6 folks from my SG on infinity all made rad/rad defenders last night at 7pm... by 10-30pm they were all level 10 and had gotten me multiple levels on my little ice/storm controller... i could barely keep up with them and fire up 2 attacks before any mob hit the floor. it was just incredible. all i can say is...


i pooped out and went to bed around 11, but they all stayed on so i'm sure they've left me in the level dust. it was insane. and to think i used to have zero desire for a rad/rad myself... hmmm...

it was insane and wonderfully fun. anybody lowish on infinity who wants to run with some nutty radfreaks, send me a tell. ;)
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J'ohn loves his oreos.


I was just called Doug by a customer who didn't catch my name.

Oh, the temptation to talk to him in Doug-speak.

"Budget, this am Doug! What am Doug help with?"
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I was on as my L32 Empathy/Dark Defender briefly earlier to check my current stock on Inf, as my main had just had a rather expensive trip to Icon the night before and I didn't want to be left with no money accross the whole board. So after checking (and finding a measly 400k) I decided to log and switch to my main for some badge hunting, about 20 seconds from quitting I got a tell.

"hey can u help us with this respec we relly need u"

Now, instead of just ignoring it, I politely sent a tell back stating that I was about to log off this character and wished him good luck, as TV can be a bit of a pain. What did I get back?

"Every1 says that, liar."

I, again, responded politely stating that in this case it was unfortunately true. So I was called a liar a few more times before I lost it and said "What are you 12? Why don't you just grow up, not everyone on the internet is a pathological liar."

Turns out he was 12, am I the only one thinking that's a bit young to play a game like this? Or any MMO? And not just because they're generally less mature as a player than someone older, though that isn't always the case.

Never have I been so tempted to /ignore them, and as I have never had to ignore someone in my two months of playing CoH that is a mean feat in itself.
downton abbey bells


This happened yesterday, but I didn't have time to crop and copy it to my site until now. =)

Three other images are in there. =)
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J'ohn loves his oreos.

Doug new outfit!

Doug not said hello with pic lately.

So Doug introduce Doug friend, Krunk The Troll! Doug not rememeber where Krunk come from, but him cool. Him and Doug play dress-up.

And Doug go back to old outfit before it am replaced with Super-Doug!

But more important than that?! Doug have pants again!

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