August 2nd, 2005

City of Debt, woohoo.

Five minutes ago, I was cruising my empath, Girl Omega, into the 29 homestretch. Just 1 1/2 bubs to go, and then I could make the break to 30 in time for my SG's respec mission this weekend. Decided to just haul all the K30s I could get my hands on first just for safety's sake, and then go for door missions.

I really shouldn't have taken that K30 Lost mission. To be more precise, I shouldn't have gone 'you know, self, the Lost in the first section of the Terra Volta trench won't give you any XP. Move on into the 25-29 zone just one section up.'

*sigh* Three deaths and 20K debt later....I don't mind the debt all that much, it'll go away, but *still*. Now I know why, at 29, I have the first two damage badges. I'm utterly suicidal when I solo. :)

So, folks, I was wondering. What's the highest amount of debt you've racked up in the shortest amount of time? And left you wondering 'What was I thinking?'
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The effort to make sure the uber builds don't overrun the game means that those builds are eventually going to be the only ones that meet with even minimal sucess.

Wormhole/Gravity-type questions

I have only been playing for a few months, and my main is a level 27 Grav/Rad controller. I just picked up Wormhole last level, and I was wondering how other people use it. I have heard it described as nothing more interesting than "teleport foe," but I don't know. It seems to hit a good deal of the time, and can suck a number of foes through it. So far, I think of it as the "inside out" power. I target someone in a group, and try to aim the wormhole at his own feet (that way the tankers and scrappers don't get mad because you moved the mob). They get sucked in, thrown out pretty much where they were, and then they stand there and wobble around, disoriented.

I tried to aim the wormhole into the sky a couple of times, but I haven't had much success with that. The bad guy drops like a rock, but doesn't take any additional damage from the fall, or at least not a whole lot. And if you aim him too far away, he will drop diagonally onto a distant rooftop instead of falling to the concrete, making it a pain in the butt to chase him down and finish him off.

Does anyone else have any interesting uses for wormhole? Or any of the other gravity powers below Singularity? I use Propel mainly to protect the squishies...put whoever gets too close into a single-target hold, and then use Propel's knockback to fling him to a more respectable distance. But I am very interested in how other people use gravity.

Now recruiting: the Stygian Legion

The Stygian Legion is a supergroup on Virtue server for heroes with Dark powers. We're currently looking for new members of any level.

Our leader is Primal Fears (level 43 Technology Defender), and we currently have ten members. Dark Knightress (level 14 Natural Scrapper; global @Garuth) and Tiny McStrappy (level 13 Mutation Defender; global @Quasadu) are the most active members.

If you're interested in joining, send a tell to any of these three characters, or reply to this post and I'll hook up with you at a time and place to be determined.

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Accolades checklist

I've made a minor update to my Accolades checklist... the badges you have to earn for each accolade are now sorted.

I should've done that originally, but hey, can't think of everything.


[Update: I've updated it again so there's a little whitespace between each accolade group. I'm not touching it again, I swear! ;-)]
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