August 3rd, 2005


i need all the help i can get...

i am such a newb! after 3 months and one week of gameplay i am still helpless (in what powers to get). my main, Sanctuary Lost, is an dark/emp def, and she just turned 41. so my question is;

should i invest into an epic power pool? and if so, which one?

i have all the emp powers, and with the exception of some stupid knockback power (the name of which escapes me) i have all the dark blast powers, hover/fly, and recall friend. i've had a lot of suggestions to get hasten and/or stamina; however i've never had a real problem with endurance...but i think i'm missing the bigger picture as to what the two of those do?!

please help someone who can't help herself.

oh yeah, talk to me! i always want to play with new people! Lost is on Infinity, but my alt-itis has manifested in other servers as well so you can reach me at @hotbroccoli
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(no subject)

I've just spent close to three hours under Atlas (and later on his globe, because we could) just having a laugh with people while listening to PM Radio (The latest (and first to be 24/7) CoH Radio station for CoH Europe).

That is what makes this game so great, the community.

Hami Raid

Tonight, I lose my CoH Virginity to Hami.

I'm sooooo excited! Tonight's my first time raiding Hami now that I dinged 45! (and shortly after 46 since a few praetorian and FBZ missions have way too much xp than I ever imagined.)
There are raids, tonight, at 8:30pm EST on Liberty and Saturday same time, Liberty.

question for the group

Is there any way to get Psionic Resistance other than: a Scrapper's Dark Armor or the Stone Tanker primary? (By Statesman, after a night of eating street thanks to the Psychic Clockwork King and Mother Malaise, I want some Psi defenses.)

Totally Rude

Last night was messing around with my level 13 Ill/empath troler. I had this mission to go pop 10 hellions in Perez Park. Mostly I wanted to burn the mission off so I could get an instanced misshy. Several friends were AFK grabbing dinner so I was just burning off garbage missions to kill time and clear them out. So there I was, in PP, minding my own biz. I got a group of grey Hellions around me and I am taking them down without any issue. But as a troler I have no AoE damage powers yet, so it is kind of slow going even if it is non-threatening. Suddenly I get a blind invite from this guy. I am waiting to group with friends so I am not interested in grouping with this guy. No big deal, no real harm done, but I was not going to accept, so I declined. 10 seconds later, the jerk drops a grenade into the middle of my group of hellions and runs off dragging a bunch of them with him. Apparently he felt that my declining his blind invite entitled him to screw with my little battle. Talk about rude!
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Numina TF (Victory)

My girlfriend (Dr. Phantasia, level 37 illusion/radiation controller) and I (Lord Gamma, level 35 radiation/radiation defender) would like to tackle Numina's TF this Saturday. Why am I spamming you guys? Well, I don't really like pickup groups and I really, really don't like pickup groups for TF. I would much rather play with folks from LJ.

If you're interested, reply to this comment with your character's name, powers and when on Saturday you would be available. I'm not sure how long it takes, but I don't think it's one of the longer ones.

The minimum number required is four heroes, but I think five would be better to "arrest" Jurassic.

We're on Victory.
Working Class Superhero


Hello, COH LJ community. Just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hi" to everyone. I've been playing since Beta, and I love the game, so I'd love to connect with others who love it, too.

My characters are:

Archimagos -- 34 Mind/Emp Controller (pictured), founder of The Supernaturals
Nightwrath -- 21 Dark/Dark Scrapper, member of The Supernaturals
Lady Typhoon -- 18 Storm/Electric Defender, co-leader of CSI Paragon
Brigantia -- 18 Invuln/SS Tanker, member of The Supernaturals
Napalm Jack -- 13 Fire/Fire Blaster, member of CSI Paragon
Flying Dagger -- 11 Claws/SR Scrapper, co-leader of the Fists of Righteous Harmony

Mister Mercury -- 19 MA/SR Scrapper, member of S.E.R.A.P.H. Team One
Carmine Cowl -- 5 Kin/Psi Defender
Grey Guardsman -- 5 Broadsword/Invuln Scrapper

EDIT (8/4): Forgot to mention, I'm on Global Chat as @Archimagos, and also a member of the Victory Forum and The Supernaturals global chat.
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Fitness for Regen Post I5?

I have a question for those Regen-ers out there. I am currently playing a MA/REGEN Scrapper, and I was wondering that with the I5 changes, should I still take the Fitness power pool? I am not sure if I should, seeing as we get Quick Recovery and we don't really need Stamina IMO seeing as IH is going to be a click power. I just wanted to get your guy's opinion on the subject
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