August 4th, 2005

Finally that milestone's over.

Ok I've been playing video games longer than I'd care to admit and MMO's for about as long. It had been my experience that whenever I created a char with my own personal name something always seemed to happen that prevented me from hitting whatever the equivalent of max level was. Well finally for the first time I did it tonight. Ethan Gilchrist is now level 50.

I know it's probably kinda weird to do that but it's just one of my things. Now both my 50 DM/Regen and my now 50 MA/Regen can safely be retired come I5. May shelve my 50 tank as well, have to see how the changes hit it. But I've got 5 more spaces on my main server still to fill. Heh Maybe I'll finally try a khel. Seems they were the only things not hit this issue. lol

Ethan GIlchrist 50
Dark Chrysalis 50
Lochlain 50

Not bad for a year of playing on and off.
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Hami Raid: Success!

I lost my virginity to Hami last night!!!! w00T!
Nauga for teH WIN!!!111!!!

I actually only died ONCE during the whole battle, and Retro (as Bio Infection) led the raid and we got it done in 97 minutes total, from the time we started gathering peope and forming teams to the end when we finished off the Hami pods.
I can understand why you need someone who knows what they're doing as a leader when conducting these raids.
Using a phantom army via five Controllers to tank and aggro Hami while the rest of us went after each individual Mito one by one was terrific. That, and having all the healers on Auto Heal kept a nice big healing bubble, plus all the rad/rad buffs, it felt like we were unstoppable in giving out the damage and taking down a few monsters that got in the way as well.

My only gripe was the lag of course, and perhaps because of the lag, I didn't get to target Hami in the end because he just wasn't visible on my screen, so I targeted a pet to attack through assist.
Also, I'm not sure if the Hami-O was worth it at all, I got a lvl 47 damage/mez, which I gave away to a lvl 43 troller later on in Talos because I couldn't really use it and you can't sell them. He'll be able to use it at 44 and it should help him a lot, as it will never be outlevelled.

Next raid on Liberty is this Saturday, and I think I'll sk for that one so I can get a lvl 50 Hami-O instead of a 47 or 48.

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I've got some beef to pick with Focused Accuracy in the Body Mastery pool for scrappers. I've got two Lv 40 S.O. Endurance Reducers in it, I've got Quick Recovery 6-slotted (40 or 40+ S.O.s) and Stamina 5-slotted (40 or 40+ S.O.s). Despite these luxuries, my endurance is too heavily depleted for me to enjoyably run this power. At level 43 I will 6-slot Stamina and be upgrading my endurance recovering and reducing enhancements to 45s. Will that be enough endurance recovery to make this power a benefit instead of a burden? If not, is it worth it to 3-slot FA? Any comments, suggestions, etc. very appreciated.

Team Speak?

So I started looking into Team Speak as many of my friends and employees are now getting hooked on COH. My layout guy started playing last week and I know we are talking about putting together a super group of our fellow Rennies and I thought Team Speak would be a boon to us.

So I go to their web site and start reading up on it. Turns out you can buy a license and rent out the server to others? Really? I have my own company web site and server so I could easily do that. I am trying to get more of my customers playing COH and having a team speak server would be good. In addition to that , I could certainly use it to communicate with my writers, artists and printers all over the world without having to pay an arm and a leg. So I am tempted to get a license.

Now I could get the one time license if I don't charge a rent for it. However, if I did charge rent, is there really a market for it?
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So, I made another scrapper last night. Yes, yes, we all know I can't scrap worth a damn. This was evidenced many times in the past. My spine/regen suffered much boredom (it was just too easy) and got deleted. Angela Hellfire is a BS/DA that is still set up, but I play her about as often as I do Nova Boy or Mega Atomic Man--meaning, they've all been level 7 for over a month. Now I've rebuilt Netherdoom, the old-fashioned DM/DA.


I burn through half to three quarters of a bar of end for three minions or so. In one on one, he's unstoppable, but if he has to take a nap after every other minion, he won't last long. I've already made one mistake I want to respec out of with taking Death Shroud. Yes, yes, I know, aura AoE, how can that be a bad call? Well, the damage isn't all THAT great, especially since the damn thing keeps missing constantly. And with I5 coming up soon and the cap on tanker taunts, I don't want to be the one pulling as much aggro as the AoE is going to be yanking my way for 2 or 3 points of damage every now and then. It is marvelous wonders against -1's, but I get chewed alive by evens often enough that I'd rather focus on working towards Stamina first and pick up a few more defensive options or other powerset abilities. The damage of the attack powers is strictly so-so in my book, with strictly so-so recharges, and they keep MISSING. I have never missed as many times against even cons as I did last night, even with double-slotted maxed out acc enhancements. Granted, they were just training enhancements, but even those have more of an impact than most give them credit for. Maybe it was just my bad luck.

Anyway. Amuse yourself with tales of how I get over playing single-digit characters.

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Then it's time to hop back over to Virtue for me, so I pick up PsiOps.


Going from a zippy flying damage demigod to an 18 controller is physically painful, especially when said controller's contacts keep giving her hunting missions. Grrrr. I'm a mind controller. Do I LOOK like I can beat street thugs?

Total Domination is fun, though.
hm queen elizabeth ii


Haven't been able to log on to test today. So I don't know if it is something from THAT, or logging from the regular server, but i have one of those pre-update download things going on. Which says "I4: Colliseum." WTF?
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Hess TF

So my level 50 wants to do a tf Sat... the Hess one since I havent done it... but when I was looking for details on it i came across ths..

Ernesto Hess Task Force
Location: Striga Isle
Main Enemy: varius
Archvillain: none
Level to Attend: 25-30
Minimum Teammates: 6 (total)

*You must complete all missions offered by all contacts in Striga Isle (Stephanie Peebles, Long Jack, Tobias Hansen, Lars Hansen) for Ernesto Hess to allow you to form a Task Force!*

So if i havent did any of those contacts and I was level 40 something when Striga was introduce how do I do them? That is really dumb to make that guideline......

Moonfire task force
So you dont get a badge yet and it says in August badge will come in a patch, if you have done it or plan to do it (i am if i cant do Hess) would you automatically get the badge when the patch goes live or have to do it again.