August 5th, 2005

Because I said so

Too much CoH when...

I was flipping channels, came across a show on the History channel where they were comparing oil tankers, and I thought, "Oil tankers, huh. Wonder what that powerset looks like."
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city of heroes

COH Filksong

My wife kitanzi wrote this the other day, and told me I could share it here. The tune is "Outward Bound" by Echo's Children, (or "I've Got A Home In Beulahland" (trad)):

“You're rescuing some scientists,” my contact said one day.
Well, the only thing I hate more than Council is the Crey,
And it does mean lots of XP – I said “Get out of my way!”
And we're all superheroes now!

I've had a toon on CoH since it was begun,
I've got an alt or two (or three or four) and we're having fun!
I used to have a life, I think, but hey, I've got to run,
Cause we're all superheroes now!

I've got a dozen characters but I want even more,
A tank or two, a fire blaster, scrappers who can roar!
This game's so damned addictive I don't care about the score,
And we're all superheroes now!

I've had a toon on CoH since it was begun,
I've got an alt or two (or five or six) and we're having fun!
I used to have a life, I think, but hey, I've got to run,
Cause we're all superheroes now!

Civilians stop to thank us when we save them from our foes,
But they've got super powers that a hero never knows.
They walk right off tall buildings and the damage never shows!
Guess we're all superheroes now!

I've had a toon on CoH since it was begun,
I've got an alt or two (or seven or eight) and we're having fun!
I used to have a life, I think, but hey, I've got to run,
Cause we're all superheroes now!

I've got a ton of badges and I've maximized my debt,
I've turned the squid to sushi, and you ain't seen nothing yet!
I'm gonna have the toughest build that anyone can get,
Since we're all superheroes now!

I've had a toon on CoH since it was begun,
I've got an alt or two (or nine or ten) and we're having fun!
I used to have a life, I think, but hey, I've got to run,
Cause we're all superheroes now!

From Founders Falls to Atlas Park, we jump, run, 'port or fly,
Our capes flung out behind us as we pose against the sky.
We'll tackle any villain, and we'll never question why –
Cause we're all superheroes now!
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You talkin' to me? Are YOU talking to ME?!?!?!

Hi guys! It's been a while.
I've been lurking nonstop, but haven't had much to say recently.

But lately, I've been grinding my main - L36 Tanker - on Guardian and have been in the mood for some diversion to break the monotony. So every once in a while I'll help newbs or lower levs for fun (I ran the Sister Psyche TF to the tune of 35k debt and no xp because they didn't have a tank... But it was fun!)or I'll sweep the Ziggurat or just go sighteeing to pick up exploration badges. Molasses in January clearly moves faster than my levelling! :-)

One of the things I'd like to do is hit the arena for a quick match or two. But everytime I've gone over the past month, it is EMPTY. Not sparse, not inappropriately levelled... EMPTY. Which is kind of a bummer.

So my question du jour is: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ARENA? Every one in every zone is invariably devoid of activity!!! Wasn't this supposed to be the end-all-be-all from I4? I tried it twice when I4 went live, and thought it was neat... but was too busy playing the game to really get into it. But now that I've got the time and the inclination, it's abandoned!?! Am I the only player who thinks "Danger Room" PvP is groovy every so often? Or are we all supposed to wait for CoV to fight a worthy human opponent?

What do you think?
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Desk 3

A new hero making the rounds...

I decided to give Black Leech and Celtic Rage a break while playing last night. With Issue 5's free respec coming out, I've been making up new toons to toy with later (you know, getting them on the server now in the meantime). So...

say hello to one of the newest heroes to patrol the Streets of Paragon City (Triumph), Collapse )
She's a Empathy/Radiation defender -- pretty kick ass for a medic.

And yes, she was created for no other reason than to use the name.

Within thirty minutes of creation, a 50th level hero walked up to her, gave her a bunch of influence and said, "I can't stand that song."

Mission Completed. :-)
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Starting to grind.

Hola folks. Pinnacle Player here. Brand X, Rad/Rad 27.

I'm in the home stretch for level 30 and my new costume/special effects. Problem is as I get closer to the fabled 30 mark things have slowed down. It is my goal to reach 50 before CoV goes live and to enjoy the benefits of unlocking almost everything.

Any advice/help to get me over the hump and on the fast track? Danke!
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Incoherent ramble

Why I don't want smart villain AI in City of Heroes:
Smart AI would ignore the tanker (subject to the constraints imposed by Taunt) until all the squishies are reduced to a greasy smear on the floor, then concentrate fire on the harder heroes one at a time.
Smart AI would probably have every villain in LOS of an aggro'd villain become aggro'd, not just those in close proximity. Can you really see the Freakshow standing idly by while their friends go off for a fight?
Smart AI certainly wouldn't let you pull single villains from a group by tickling them with a low-damage blast.
As far as more content: Yes, I want more high-level content. The thought of being forced to spend half of level 38 and all of level 39 street-sweeping if I can't find a decent team is horrifying.
I also want more mid-level content. I'd like there to be substantially more content (story arcs etc.) from 1-49 than you could possibly see on a single toon even if you spent your entire career soloing on Heroic apart from when you needed a team with you because you'd just been asked to beat down an AV, and only ever went on TFs/Trials as an exemplar. That would be really nice.
As it stands, it's practical for effective solo builds (e.g. scrappers) to do all the Hollows contact arcs, all the 10-15 contact arcs and badge mission, all the 15-20 contact arcs and badge mission, all the 20-25 contact arcs and badge missions, all the Striga contact arcs, Sister Psyche's Task Force, all the 25-30 contact arcs and badge missions, all the 30-35 contact arcs and badge missions, all the 35-40 contact arcs and badge missions, throw in some teaming of other people's missions at various points in the 30s (and note that you need a team with you to deal with Terra and the Envoy), and still be left needing to either street-sweep or do one or more of Numina's TF, the Eden Trial, the Sewer Trial, the Freakshow respec Trial, or other people's door missions that you've already seen in order to get to 40th level.

(no subject)

I created a tanker the other night named "Og the Caveman." I was experimenting with keybinds that cycle text files for his taunts, and figured out how it works. Now I need some fun, caveman-ish ideas for taunts. Here are some examples of what I've already done:

"Your mother look like mastodon butt!"
"You smell like armpit of Og!"
"Og think you skinny...come eat FIST!"

I figured if anyone could come up with other good ones, it would be in here.

EDIT: Someone asked about the how the binding was done, so I'll put it behind a cut here.

Collapse )
City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

Creative ways to help lowbies...

Well, my hubby's 'troller hit level 22 and so he asked me to load up Onyx, my level 50, to do an influence transfer so he could get SO's, and then he did the same for me with my level 21 Warshade, Shimmershade, with Grumble Butt... No, that's not the original part.

Anyhow, we didn't really have time to get into anything, so while he still had his Emp/Dark/Psychic Grumble Butt loaded, he and I went around IP together but unteamed. He buffed me and held or immobilized the villains while I killed them and still got the points, so that I could fight the purples and reds and catch up to his 'troller some. We had a laugh when he used Repel to push the foes toward me. At one point it was like herding cats, though, as my AoE's would scatter some and others would get caught in the Repel field.

Similarly, a week or two ago we were fighting Doc Vaz with some friends of ours, and finding our just how squishy two blasters, a squiddy, and a controller are. A level 36 tanker friend of ours joined the team long enough to get into the mission, and after dropping from the team he taunted The Doc while we did the damage so we could complete the mission. He was glad to find that there are other ways to help lowbies other than PLing them.
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violet volt

You better believe its Deep Tissue....

Geeze, it's definitely Friday.

Based on this thread I went ahead and created ANOTHER Alt on Virtue -- The Masseurs. His battle cry? "You could use... a MASSAGE!"

Anyone have a Super Group that he could fit into? I may create him on Champion so he can join "The Gainfully Employed".

As a side note, he just ran a citizen named Dave who was looking at the Paragon Times and said the following:
"I hope my contact gets here soon. I must have read this same page 50 times."

Total silliness.