August 6th, 2005


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So, I just fought Nosferatu.

Anyone want to throw me a bone as to how I'm supposed to beat something that loses no endurance and throws a move that heals himself for 6000 damage per shot?

Why do I have to go to the Hollows.

Ok, I haven't been in the low game for a while and had forgotten about this.
But after making 3 new chars recently I have to ask.

Has anyone ever said "hey Dev's, could you please give second option in the First Mission given by your first real contact."
My god, I am sick of having to hightail it across 3 zones just so I can get a real mission out of my KR contact.
And after hightailing it all the way there with no travel power, I get no XP. No XP for a mission you have no real choice about doing.
It just ticks me off.

Rant over.

seriously pissed off

I just got done with my worst CoH experience. I'm not going to quit the game, but it really, really pissed me off. My gf and I found enough pickup people to do the Numina TF. We get to the first mission and start laying waste to Freakshow when she notices that she's only getting influence. Apparently there is a bug that doesn't give XP to anyone at the maximum level for the TF (38 in this case). She drops and we continue on until we get to the Shard mission in Oranbega. We're doing ok until we run into level 42 bosses. WTF? The highest level on the team is 37 and some of us are on invincible. That should give level 39 bad guys. A team size of more than 5 should bump it up again to 40. Fine, but 42? It wasn't just a few guys. We had a total team wipeout in a room with lots of level 42 Air Thorn Casters spamming thunderclap and stunning us until we died. I can barely hit a level 42 guy, let alone take him out. There were also level 42 Death Mages spamming the molestacles in case the thunderclaps missed us. Oranbega is bad enough, but that was pretty fucking ridiculous.

Anyhow, we all quit. I still came out ahead in terms of XP, but I wanted to finish the TF to get the badge and level up to 37.