August 8th, 2005

Princess Bride

Level 51 - 70

I heard from my wife, who teams with a CoV beta tester that once CoV goes public that the level cap in CoH will be 70. I heard that the original cap in CoH was 40, and that when issue 2 came out this was increased to 50.

My question is this....

If the level cap is increased to 70 will we get XP credit for the XP we earned while doing missions as a level 50? Or will we have to just "start over" with gaining XP again -- even though we might have successfully completed scores of missions since hitting level 50?

Can anyone answer this?

Not one But TWO

Had a very cool morning on the Pinnacle server. Log on look up my bud and he tell me he's fighting a giant octopus, not just any octopu but the south west one. YES TWO giant octopuses. How cool was that neither one of us have ever fought one before. I get there in time to help take the last two tentacles and the head then with 15 of my new found friends we tackle the second octopus. I only died twice.

Peace Out,
lvl 20 dark/regen scapper on Pinnacle
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I decided I wanted to invest in an MMO and City of Heroes looks pretty sweet. I was also reading about City of Villains. And while I understand that they're two games that overlap, I still couldn't find an answer that's holding me back from buying CoH.

When CoV comes out, would I need to pay two monthly fees in order to play both my CoH and CoV characters?

So, I'm new to this City of Heroes thing.

I have a level 13 blaster named Kilojoule on Champion. He's a Fire blaster with Energy manipulation.

Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you blasters had any tips for a newbie like me. It would probably rock my socks if you did.

I would preferably like tips for how to behave in a team. I find that I lose endurance quickly (even with endurance reduction enhancements), and I also aggro mobs more than I'd like to.

Speed Monster!

What in COH is honestly the fastest build to reach 50 now? What is the optimized path one has to take to reach that goal?

Curious how it has changed from early days.
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The Fun that is Temp Powers (Or: My shade thinks he's a DM Scrapper!)

Typically, my Warshade Moonsidian (spelt backwards... nod to a videogame) avoids his Magic contact at all cost because of the Banished Pantheon. Well, I decided to suck it up and talk to Mariam. She sends me into a cave to chase down some CoT. Something about opening the way to Orangebagel or something (Uhh... my Shade has been there already.) Anyway, I remembered this mission well and remembered that there's a temp power version of Shadow Maul in the mish. I grab it. Then I have some fun.
Honestly, I learned a thing or two about Dark Melee scrappers. Mostly how fun they can be. Sunless Mire, Gravity Well, Sands of Mu... seemed alot like a DM Scrapper going Soul Drain, Midnight Grasp, Shadow Maul. Of course, said scrapper wouldn't have the benefits of STACKED Soul Drains now, would he?
All in all, I am waaay to fond of temp powers. Used to be I'd use them non-stop. But with my Warshade's forms, that's a tad different... at least there's less temptation to blow that Warwolf Whistle.
Honestly, I forget all the temp powers I have hoarded away... know there's the ones from Striga. The Sands... man, I need to check....

City of Heroes UK Community


I couldn't see a specific community for UK players of the European release of City of Heroes, so I made one.


Currently I'm the only member, but I'm assuming (since there wasn't a separate community) that players of the European release are on this community.... Given that a lot of activity/teams etc are based on certain servers, it seemed to make sense to have a community for all those on the Union and Defiant servers.

It's unmoderated, anyone can join, and hopefully I'll see some of you there.


[if it turns out someone has already made this community and I'm just too dorky to find it, let me know and I'll remove mine...]