August 9th, 2005


Supergroup Hunting (again)

LVL 43 Bubbler on Virtue who is, once again, looking for a Supergroup. I'm currently a member of the League of Super Heroes, and while there are some nice people in the SG, no one is ever on. Ever ever ever. I know I go through bouts where I don't log on often, but seriously, in the past two weeks there has been ONE person logged on (besides me).

It's not hard to get a team together, but it sure would be nice to have a supergroup to fall back on, or to team up with, or to do fun things with. Anyone know an SG on Virtue where the members log on on a REGULAR BASIS? And I don't mean "yeah me and this one other person are on all the time" - I mean a good number of the group is on a good portion of the time. Anyone?

Stamina, finally

I got my scrapper (Keat Pyresmelt on Liberty, if anyone cares) to 20 tonight. Him being a katana/dark armor scrapper, he's been working at stamina for many, many levels--and huffing and puffing most of the way. To get a feel for it, I run a bunch of Tsoo and Family missions.

It is the bomb. It is not (yet) everything I hoped for, insofar as I am not capable of running all three major shields and Death Shroud and Combat Jumping and fighting continuously without flooring my end. However, I can do that for long enough to kill, say, the Galaxy Adjutant who I'm fighting (and it even makes sense, considering he does dark damage [which is doubly resisted] and mez) before my end floors. And I can run around on an almost continuous basis killing--er, arresting--things left and right, even with Obsidian Shield running full bore due to Yellow Ink Men. Happy days are here again, at least until I find some more toggles to run.

It's so happy it has even managed to eclipse my irritation at fighting Tsoo.

As an aside, Health was also a big moment for Keat, because it pushed the amount of damage he could take on a continous basis without losing health slowly up--a little bit, but a very noticable little bit. I even like Hurdle. But I'm sure I'd rather have Lotus Drops and Dark Regen than them.

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Yeah yeah, I'm complaining again. But this time with quotes! lol

Quoted from a post by Stateman...

"If we turned Instant Healing back into a toggle, we'd resurrect the old issue. We could decrease the Endurance cost, but we'd need to then lessen the overall power of Instant Healing. And I really like it's power - it's great for the tough spawns and AV battles!"

This is so heinz 57 kinds of bullshit. The damn power doesn't even last long enough fo be worth using in any combat situation. Most (ie ALL) AV fights last far longer than 60 seconds.

I5=shelved scrappers

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Hunting for help.

I’m looking for an active supergroup on Pinnacle server. One that has a large rotating roster of players who are on every night. It’s hard enough to finish missions and go hunting with out back up. Especially with my Level 28 Rad/Rad Defender.

My current group is a friend SG and I plan on keeping ties to it, but I’ll make a good addition as a member to your roster.

Communication problems....

I have been on a lot of teams and I have some friends that I play with regularly. But we keep running into problems of cummincation. I have heard about some "voice" chat programs out there and I do believe this would make a world of difference.

Anybody tried any? Did they help? How well do they work?

Easter Already?

When walking around Paragon City you must have found some element, some little feature that made you giggle. Something that awed you? Anything that cause your first CoH doubletake?

What easter egg, or regular element of the do you enjoy the most?

Mine? Various thugs breaking into Telephone Booths, Bus Stops, Trees, etc.
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stick-figure violence

Ruladak, and the Shard TF that was actually short.

Yesterday, I was fooling around with my little Warshade, having much fun with the Sands of Mu temp power when some asked over Arena Chat (AKA: Server-wide Broadcast of Occasion Stupidity) if anyone wanted to do the Legend of Ruladak TF.

Well, after finishing my timed mish (principle of the thing... I hate failing missions), I hopped on my lv. 50 AR/Dev, SM-DX. It was a good TF, with the group traveling between the Cascade Archipelago, PI, and the maze that is Perez Park (thankfully, Perez was just one mish). There was the occasional death (one or two were mine... and one was only because I thought my group was fighting the group below the ledge I was standing on... and I jumped in the middle of it. Oops.)
Our team was 2 Dark Defenders (both came prepared with Team TP), two tanks (one Fire who D/Ced after a few mishes and never came back in the 3 hours of the TF.... he's now stuck in Perez), 3 Scrappers (Dark, Invul, and Regen... the Regen was aching from the AV), and me.

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more bible less music

The IPO on FBZ

Saturday, my main on Liberty (Fist of Hell) will be looking to organize a team for running the Firebase Zulu Task Force. So far I've got one and maybe two teammates, but to run the TF I'll need a full team of 8. If you have a toon 40 or higher and interested in running the marathon that is Firebase Zulu, let me know here or in a tell to my global name (@batzradio).

As far as a start time, I'm looking at 2PM CST (12 Noon PST), but this is adjustable as I'm plenty flexible with this Saturday. If anyone wants to run it later in the day I would be okay with that as long as you're okay with how long it will take - it's 23 missions.

Thanks for any help I can get in advance.

PS: For those eager collectors, the badge for this (and Moonfire as well as other post-L40 TFs) will be given retroactively with I5.
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City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

Shimmershade hit 23 this morn!

Yes, I'm excited. A Warshade always celebrates more slots. :)

And, I'm loving the Stygian Circle I took at 22. Honest to goodness love that power. I even made up a macro for it:

/macro suck "powexec_toggle_off Dark Nova$$powexec_toggle_off Black Dwarf$$powexec_name Stygian Circle"
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hm queen elizabeth ii


There is an update at the official site where you can pre-order City of Villains and get yourself a Beta invite in the process.

It's actually on the City of VILLAINS site, but there is a link on the front page of the CoH.

You get:
Beta access
In-game cheesy item
Game shipped 2 days in advance
Free account time
Other stuff I don't want to retype
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Happy Cat!!

(no subject)

Well, what I thought was going to be a good night turned out to be pretty crappy. Let me explain.

After just watching the movie Kung-Fu Hustle (kick ass, mind you), I'm feeling pretty good and feel like kicking some villainous butt in Paragon City. I jump on with my level 8 controller, Rann Dome, get invited to a small little pick-up team and we run a mission in Perez. We jump into Atlas, and in the chat window I see someone with the name of Aryan Race broadcasting.

My jaw drops. I don't even say anything to him before I hit the "send" button for the petition. Then myself and about four or five other folks start laying into him, and he starts saying how this "race" of people are just like any other race out there. The line that really got me, and this is what he said to a tee, was "well, black people use names like Brown Sugar and no one finds that racist". To which I retorted, "The last time I checked, Brown Sugar didn't go around killing people because of who they are".

For about 10 minutes it got real heated in Atlas Park, and I was so mad that I was shaking. In between arguments to me and the other people berating him, he kept asking if any SG's were recruiting. I couldn't take it anymore so my team and I went and did our mission in The Hollows.

*sigh* People like that make me sad.
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