August 11th, 2005


While gaming last night...

I was playing my Ice Tanker, Camdyn, last night just tooling around in The Hollows (which I hate). My team had just finished a mission and exited the building. Outside was another group of Heroes waiting to start their mission.

Some hero named, Gary Busey (or something like that), sent me a tell saying, "You look cold" (I had on my ice armor). And then a few seconds later he sent another tell, "Need me to warm you up?"

I laughed at him and ran off.

Some people amuse me.

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I have two goals outside of hitting level 50 before CoV comes out.

1. Actually catch one of the Monsters of the Game and get the badge for it. (I seem to have NO luck with finding them.

2. Hunt X numbers of the rare/hard foes to unlock all the hunt type badges.

Anyone in Pinnacle know how I can find the monsters there?

What is the best place to track down Tsoo: Sorcs? Etc.


Do you think people would be more encouraged to do contact/door missions if they knew that they could call those contacts for the rest of the game? What I mean is this: Say you start off with Azuria. You do enough of her missions to get her phone number. Twenty levels later someone gives you a mission where you have to talk to Azuria. Because you have her number, you can call her rather than go through three to four zones to get to her.

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so. i've never posted here in fear of sounding like a complete dumbass. everyone here seems to know thier stuff quiet well, and.. well, i dont. i'm learning rather quickly though, so you may be hearing a bit more of me. first off, allow me let you in on my toons:

my main server is infinity

~I'll Cut You - lvl25 spine/regen scrap (currently temporily retired until i get around to respecing her.)

~I'm HUGE - lvl6 elec/elec blaster (as soon as he hits 10 he's starting "The Pink Boots Brigade", of course, pink boots required to join.. hopefully im not the only one in the sg for long..)

~Shockinator 600 - lvl6 kin/elec def (nothin special to say about this one)

~CleverNameHere - lvl6 rad/rad def (again, nothing special.. ooo, her battle cry is "Green HUGS for Everyone!")

anyways.. i have a couple tanks on other servers, but i never play them.. if you see me say hey..


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High Five

After reading the recent post about the door mish/phone number thing, and then the comments about certain wishes for cotton candy and reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a friend of mine where it made me think of this:
I wish they had an emote where two hero's could give eachother a high five (or "up top" as my friends and I like to call it). and if two hero's both had Super Jump, they could jump really high and give eachtoher a super high five. Just think, after every successful battle you could give eachother high fives!
haha, okay, u all prolly won't be with me on this one, but I think it would be fun.
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taxibot q

I'm a TaxiBot!

Tonight I became a real boy taxibot! I got my new paintjob and participated in my first PTS Badge Tour in Kings Row. It was lots of fun, and I'm really glad I decided to become a taxibot. Thanks everyone who welcomed me into the Pinnacle garage tonight, and I hope to meet everyone else soon!

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