August 12th, 2005

Triumph -- Calling All Heroes

I'm only 4 million or so XP away from hitting 50 w/ Brimstone Bill (lvl 49 Fire/Fire/Nrg tank), and I'm going to try to hit it this weekend before I5 comes along and cripples my archetype. So, before my forced retirement comes, I'll be herding like mad and running AV mission after AV mission.

Anyone out there on Triumph who wants to join in the fun send me a tell. I'm @Brimstone Bill from The Council of Justice.

My team welcomes any and all good players, though I must say I'm partial to /kin and /rad 'trollers and I'm not afraid of putting a few blasters in my teams either.

A hero retires

OK, so not a real-life hero. But an in-game hero. Heck a number of them considering all my alts.

I love City of Heroes and love the community but frankly am getting bored of content; i5 doesn't enamour me nearly as well. I'm sure, like others in the city_of_heroes community I will return at some point in time (maybe in COV).

You knew me as @karina on the Taxibots and Live Journal global chats.

Keep saving the city for me, just be sure that you let Doc Vahz escape for my unlikely return.

I've been playing since just after release and it just feels so sad to be leaving! Friend me if it pleases you, I'd love to keep in touch.

I salute you!

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Some folks have nerve

Last night I got a pretty decent PU group (all my same level...all with good missions...all who "knew their role and shut their hole" as I've heard in the past). Almost everyone but me had this accolade that increased your endurance permanently by 5% (I can't think of it now....very sleepy). I asked them how they got it and realized the only thing I'm missing is the spelunker badge. I'm chatting with someone from my SG about it, when they say, "well, this is a coincidence! I just got a tell asking if I wanted to do the fortune teller mish! Wanna join me?" I give a very enthusiastic, "hell yeah!" and wait for invite. The guy (who's name I should have written down for flaming later) says, "You want to do fortune teller mish?" I respond, "yes, please." He then types, "What will you give me?"

He's sooooo lucky I was tired and in the middle of a battle, else I would have told him exactly what I would like to give him.

Where do folks get off?