August 13th, 2005


Badge Tracking

I'm a big fan of badge collecting, and I have a hard time keeping track of which of my characters have which badges... so I created an Excel workbook to help me keep track of it. The workbook has a seperate spreadsheet for each server, which you can use to track all eight characters on that server. It also counts how many exploration badges, how many history badges, et cetera, and gives a total number of badges at the top of the page.

It's not fancy lookin' or anything, but it's helpful. If anyone would like to try it out, I've uploaded it to my new (and still under construction) website here. There's also a screenshot on the download page.

Let me know what you think!

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Pulling monsters

I play in Freedom, and yesterday we had a rather intense night, with about 20 monsters being pulled to the courtyard (through the night, not all at once). And time and time again, people (most of the time < 20, or known PLed-from-level-1 guys) kept on getting squished, screaming guilty, and filling petitions.

Now -- besides the fact they shouldn't be there to begin with -- don't these people THINK of running 50 yards to the nearest building and enter it to safety? I'm pretty much in favor of monster pulling, because it fun, and it also gets rid of annoying beggars (one think is "level 20 looking for farm", another is "Ima lvl 1 def PL me plz! plz! plz!" repeated 20 times) and I think the devs should reply to any petition from a character under 40 petitioning against someone, "you shouldn't be there to begin with" or "next time run into a building". And even 41-50 should chill. If you don't want to fight the monster... then don't. If you're worried you'll log in to find a rampaging monster next to you, get into any of the buildings before logging.

Monsters need a reson to stay there. If when someone pulls a monster, everybody hits the door, it'll quietly go back where it came from. But I'm pretty sure a lot of people will stay just for the fun of fighting a giant monster, even if we've seen the same thing a million times. Devs, I think we need more variety on those monsters already. DE is getting old, even if there's several kinds of monsters.

And some of those people really haven't ever played the game, at least not much. I met a level 50 who didn't know who Lusca was, and when pressured admitted being PL'ed from level 1 "just so he could make a warshade". But then, why the hell was he doing standing around with his 50 instead of playing his Warshade? Oh well, it's his $15/mo going to waste, not mine.

Not to mention the people filling petitions are pretty retarded. A couple of weeks ago I was on a team and got out of a mish; I hear "WHY DO PEOPLE PULL MONSTERS?!?!" and I reply "Because it's fun!" then rush outside to join the fight. Through the fight, some idiot kept on saying "Doctor Leo pulled it!" and telling everybody to write petitions. I ignored him, but after the fight, I found myself being the subject of twenty or so tells of what a retard I was for pulling monsters. And not one of those people checked to see I was a level 45 *troller* without a single attack power, who'd certainly get squished way before the monster got anywhere close to Portal. Since then I got the epic fire pool and now I'm pretty certain I _could_ pull a monster and live to tell the tale. But, I prefer to be surprised; nothing like leaving a mission to see four or five of 'em running around!

However, maybe the people who think a troller can pull a giant monster are the same who see said troller's Fire Shield and think he's a fire tank. I used to have Fire Shield always on when I first got it, and the amount of tells asking me to PL them was surprisingly high. I guess the "Doctor" in the name wasn't clue enough to the fact that a tank, I'm not.

Well, I'm not even sure if this post fits the mood of the community, but I just felt like ranting a while. Flames welcome! And honest replies too. See you around the city.

Doctor Leo: Level 50 Illusion/Empathy troller
Tanker Leo: Level 14 Fire/Fire tank
Blaster Leo: Level 8 Electric/Devices Blaster
Kheldian Leo: coming soon...
Nictus Leo: coming sooner =)
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(no subject)

I was just about to log when I get a tell:

Me: "o ok"
Me: "/quit"

Never gets old.
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