August 14th, 2005


CoH Moron

I'm running through Steel to hunt some Vahz with my new favorite tank (Fire tanks are so over now so rerolled to do strength heh). Anyhow, it's the only mission my contacts gave me so it's kind of boring because I can't find any higher level Vahz than those a level below me. Or even more.

I have my team seek thing turned to Not looking for a team. But I get a blind invite anyway. I am royally bored with the Vahz so I accept thinking I can tank for someone for about an hour or so. I had that much time. Anyhow, a person gets on the team after me without the team leader even saying anything in the team channel. Next thing, he finally says, "Meet at mish". I see the mission is in Sky. Odd but not too strange. Most are in their mission zone and begin to look for teammates but I've been with some that were not. So wasn't too strange.

I click the leader to see what level he is. 16. Okay but the color was strange. I thought, "He's not exemp but it looks like it." I read his info. He's a level 30-something. Something is weird.

I go to look at missions list to see how many more Vahz I have to bore myself into killing.


I say in the team channel, "Hey, nobody asked if I had time to do a task force. Which I don't."

I get kicked from the team.

To which I think, "Wow. I just dodged a bullet of working with someone who is obviously not bright to begin with."

Moral of this story: If you are on Freedom, beware blind invites from a guy named Red Satin. You may end up on a task force without knowing it.

Leeching empaths?

I noticed in someone's comment the other day a phrase that went something like, "no pure empaths or other leeches." I was a little offended but a lot confused. I've only been playing for about two months, so maybe I'm missing something.

Empathy defenders are one of my favorite types to play. When I'm the only healer on a large team, I usually feel like (warning: rampant egotism ahead!) the most valuable member of the team. After all, I am running around like a madman (sometimes madwoman) buffing and healing and resurrecting when things get bad. When the tank wades in to soak up the damage, I make him even more absorbant. When the scrappers dive into melee and dish out the damage, I make sure they can keep fighting without worrying about thier hp. When the blasters are... well, blasting away, my recovery aura makes sure they can keep going and going like a pink rabbit with a drum. When the controllers are... uhm... well okay, those guys can usually take care of themselves. But like I said, I feel very valuable. Not at all leechlike.

So what was that comment all about? Was that person just unfamiliar with properly played empaths, or is it a common sentiment that leeches like to play empaths for some reason? Thoughts? Comments?
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Wondering Statue

Couldn't find costume option

I have been practicing creating characters for the I5 archery sets. We're planning on making a supergroup for cherubs on Guardian.

When Doug and the others made character outfits with tighty-whiteys, how did they get that option? I can't seem to find that costume in the "pants" section.