August 15th, 2005

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Well hello. Just letting everyone know, me and my best friend are going to start (when I become lvl 10) a supergroup, most likely going to be called "Queer eye for the Bad guy." Homos, Metros, and fag hags welcome. :D Look for us, Me, Mr Shade, and him, Gey-Bo (Named after the "Gebo" rune).
We were on the Champion server, and will only team with the fashionable and fierce!
Currently we are both lvl 7's. I am a dark deffender and Gey-bo is an energy blaster.

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Level 38 scrapper looking for new power!

Jezebella dinged Level 38 two nights ago, but I haven't had a chance to get her to the trainer yet. So before I head there tonight (and then over to Agent 6 to buy a bunch of 40s), I thought I'd see what opinions, if any, there are the remaining power selections in the Claws and SR sets.

Here's what's left that's not currently in my build. Claws: Strike, Follow-up, Confront, Shockwave. SR: Lucky, Elude. I also still have one power pool open, and I've used everything I want to use in Flight, Speed, and Fitness. So opinions are welcome on any of the other pools.
City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

Teamspeak2 Client

So it just so happens that while I'm delving into researching out voice programs, one of my supergroups (which is falling apart in my opinion as no one is ever on) has gotten Teamspeak. So I decided to try it, downloaded Teamspeak2 client - just the client because I was going to try it out in their thing. Something about Clan USA and the channel name being the name of the supergroup?

Anyhow, I installed it on my Windows XP system and tried to figure it out myself. Couldn't even get a list of servers to load up. Put in a made up server name. Finally uninstalled it. Got mad at it. Decided to forgive it and reinstall it, and I found the instructions here:

Could they be any more vague?

I gave it my best and still couldn't figure the thing out even to where I could download the list of servers and find the server I'm looking for.
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Hydra-Os, breakfast of champions?

Someone came up to me at the train a while back and gave me a Level 40 Hydra (all-origins) enhancement. They told me to use it, then pass it on when I was done (I guess by using a respec in my 40s to pull it back out of my build). The info says it enhances damage and accuracy. So my dumb question of the day... is the percentage boost to both the same as a regular SO would provide?

I'd heard of Hami-Os, but I'd never even known there were Hydra-Os until this one fell into my lap.
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The other RA

One of the earlier threads got me thinking about my empathy/energy defender, who I haven't played in a while, and who still has that free respec from I4 that's probably going to vanish when next set of free respecs get handed out with I5.

So to my question. Everyone sings the praises of Recovery Aura, because a team buffed with it can pretty much rampage non-stop. But what about Regeneration Aura? Does anyone find much use from that? I've slotted them both the same, for recharge, and I've gotten into the habit of laying them both down together on whoever cares to heed my call of "Gather up for RA." But I wonder if I could be spending those slots more effectively on my other empathy powers.

New Archetype. Dumb Ass

So I'm hanging in KR with my new alt. Miss Katonic. Any Lovecraft fans out there.
And over broadcast comes. "Tanks are worse than Neeeewwwwbbbbbs" "Find a Archetype that requires some skill to play"

So in an effort to try and nip this in the bud with a little humor, man was that a mistake, I say "Wow, I didn't know there were TROLLS in KR. Please nobody feed it."
And of course I discover that this one was already well fed.

At some point in this ranting someone asked the pox on broadcast what Archetype he was.
I couldn't resist. "I'd Say he was a dumb ass, but they haven't released that one yet"
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Ascending Dawn SG : A few GOOD Tankers

Hello LJ Triumph Players or anyone who wants to roll a toon on our server!

AD is looking for a few tankers of all levels. We would love them to have experience and be ACTIVE (see*) BUT if you have always wanted to try a tank or have a tank that needs a good home, we are your sg!

*we have a log in period of every 15 days but we would like you to be more active than that if possible but wont hold it agaisnt you as long as the 15 days is met, heh

So if any of you tankers out there want to join our sg or reroll a new toon and join please get in touch with us.

- see our website under "join" (link below)
-see me at @Zia on global
-email me at
-leave a reply here

To learn more about us and see if you would like to join, go here.

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Ok so I was thinking of funny power pools they could add into the game... maybe have a Magical Transportation power pool you know Talking Car, Magic Carpet, Pegasus, Flying Ship (like a pirate ship preferably).
What Interestingly weird power pools would you guys like to see?