August 16th, 2005


Just a random screenshot of myself and some SG members (which I found from here) standing around.....

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Paragon Problems!

I got to fight off the Ghost Ship last night. Got the badge and everything. It got me thinking. How cool would it be if we had zone alarms for special attacks on city areas. Rikti ships over Atlas, etc again. Rampaging Dr. V. Nemisis take over Crey's Folly for a night. Etc.

We need more fun things like this. Timed events.

Btw: Moonfire TF will soon give a badge!
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It's been a minute and a half but I only, really, post when I've got something to say. This time, though, it's a question of bogglement.

Now, having played since pre-testing, I should have run into the Freakshow mission with the bombs under Brickstown, with the entrance in Skyway... or so it says, but I can't for the life of me remember how to get to the danged mission. The marker only shows up in Skyway, with no indication when I enter the sewers and no way to get in from up top or in Brickstown.

If anyone has a clue as to what I'm talking about, can you please lend a girl a hand? Just a clue as to how to get into the mission because I've cleared the sewer mat, just about, and nothing.

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Huh, Part II


I wanted to make this a general post because so many of you helped steer me in the right direction. Thank you! I found the entrance and, now, I no longer need to empty my freezer of chocolate ice cream!

Thanks, all!

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SG recruiting?

I almost feel bad for thinking this since i've been with my SG for a little under a year, but... are there any good SG's on Triumph that are lookin to recruit?
I mainly play with my lvl 34 blaster... but i also have a lvl 20 emp defender and 15 scrapper i play around with too.. I'd like to add them all to a SG that actually has members that are on..
I haven't teamed with anyone from my SG for a couple months, partially because the level difference is off a bit but mainly noone seems to ever be on when I'm on.. and when I check the SG window there are only like 4 out of 26 that have been on in the last week.
I could always start my own SG with some people I play with.. I've been considering the idea of making a super group based on noob training. Ya know, show those new kids how to actually play the game instead of having to listen them them whine "PL me PLZ!!"..
but in all honesty, i'd much rather join a good SG with members who are on often and actually team with SG mates..

now, i just have to break it to the 2 people I occasionally talk to in my current group.
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J'ohn loves his oreos.

New Doug Idea

Doug am no said hi in while!


Okay, Doug done now. Ha! Doug am kid. No no. Doug have idea. You am remember when Doug celebrate No Pants Day? Well, Doug have new idea that Doug get local friends am help with. See, Doug see that there am people write No Pants Day Songs. So Doug want piece of that am action. You am keep in mind that this am just starting idea. But Doug want to see what you am think of...

A No Pants Day blues song! Sung by Doug! Yes! Doug may sound like cookie monster but Doug want to do No Pants Day song! Doug am thought of lyrics so far, too!

Doug always forced to wear trousers!

It am make Doug feel lousers!
(this am note: Um. Doug no think of anything that am rhyme with trousers)
But today am No Pants Day!
So Doug am throw PANTS AWAY!!!

Doug am singing! No Pants Day bluuuuues!

Fenris IH8U

City of Villians pre-order question

Hello all,

I was looking at EB Games site, and re-read the CoV pre-order info:

Order your copy of City of Villains PC and receive a bonus disc with Beta Access! Bonus disc will ship the week of 8/15/05 via First Class mail at no extra charge.

Has anyone noticed that the disc has shipped out yet? I was checking my order and there's been no change, indicating nothing has shipped out. It makes me wonder about the caveat "Once the Bonus disc is shipped you cannot cancel your pre-order"

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Thoughts, insights?
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Ehem, redo.

New super group looking for members, think of it as a..."Queer eye for the bad guy." Like the television show, but... a super hero team!

Force Fierce!

Look for Mr. Shade or Gey-bo on the Champion Server!

(IM me at PdxCainite if you have any questions.)

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Had a great time doing missions last night with some folks...died a lot less often than we probably should have with only three people, lol. Anyway, two of us died and I fell off a ledge to land right under Hiromizu. This just struck me as funny.

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