August 17th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Follow Up on Follow Up

I decided to take Follow Up as my new power for my Claws/SR scrapper at Level 38. I slotted it for accuracy. And I am now a frickin' monster. With Quickness and Hasten, it's back before it's worn off, so it's become the new opener in my attack chain. Target a guy in the middle; leap in; Follow-up, Eviscerate, Spin. Pick a new target if the first one was white or yellow, because now it's dead. Follow-up, Slash, Focus. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It's like being the Tasmanian Devil. On crack. And the numbers I'm seeing when I score critical hits while Follow-up is active are insane. I should have taken this power sooner.

Monster Pulling

OK I had no luck finding Cuppa's post on the forums in regards to monster pulling. So I PM'd her. Here's her response:

Re: Griefing

From: CuppaJo

Monster pulling in PI (on purpose) is considered griefing - please report to the GMs and they will review logs and deal with violators.

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Good News, Bad News

Good news: Getting an invite to the City of Villains Beta!

Bad News: Currently, the hours of the beta start and end before I get home from work, and are M-F only.

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COV community

Well, since it looks like the creator/moderator of cityofvillains hasn't updated their journal in the last 6 weeks and isn't even a member of THIS community, I may as well advertise the COV community that I made today.

So come on down to cityofvillains! Hopefully we'll get some conversation going about what we hope to see in the beta and the NDA-bound beta-ers can blink once or twice to signify if it's in or not.
Superhero Cthulhu
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I've been looking, I swear!

Has anyone yet made a City of Villains community? I don't find anything when I look it up by username or info search.

I'm not going to violate my EULA by talking about beta, but I would love to have somewhere to go to talk about stuff - like price, whether to play villains or heroes, or just good old villain names.

If no one has made one, I will - but I wanted to check first.