August 18th, 2005


Dark Dark Defender?

Now that BubbleYumm has all the powers I've been pining for, and is simply slotting and badge hunting, I don't feel quite so bad spending a little time on some of my alts. As such, I'm asking for build advice. Here's what I have for my DDD so far.

PS - I kindof want her to be an offender, and soloable. Right now the build doesn't look like this.. she has gloom thrown in there and does not have Shadow Fall. (She's lvl 8). I can respec her into this build, but then I will only have three attacks (brawl, first attack and a snipe). The build I've posted here is more team oriented based on info I found on the boards. I'm keen to hear everyone else's opinion..Collapse )
Puck (silly)

Thank you, Devs!

At long last, a topic capable of supplanting I5 has hit the in-game chat channels. Last night, instead of listening to people bitch and moan about the upcoming power adjustments, we got to listen to them bitch and moan about not being included in the CoV beta. With the added bonus of listening to a few people who were included come dangerously close to violating the NDA in the course of their overzealous "Ha-ha!" bragging before they've even played their first session.

I welcome the start of the CoV beta. Anything that gets some people off the CoH servers and decreases the lag for me as I continue my pursuit of Level 50 has to be a good thing.

sheesh, some people

I lay there dead after my toggles went omgwtf.
"Lemmee find a safe place for tp," she says
Never say that @liz has no respect for the dead...
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Photoshop was being stubborn and not let me resize and I gotta get to work right now =P
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Badge Channels?

Hey there,

Is there an active Badge hunting channel for Pinnacle server? Or a general one that everyone uses?

I need some serious backup to kill my foe quotas.

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