August 19th, 2005

Newbie, CoH

Fire tanker + kinetics = teh awesome

This evening my fire/fire tanker duoed with a kinetic defender. Woah! I realize now that I should have joined forces with her at 12 instead of waiting till I was almost 18. Speed Boost = hasten + superspeed + stamina. If she had done nothing but apply Speed Boost every 2 minutes, it would still been enough. It got even much better at 18 when I got burn. It recharges amazingly fast (do the Devs really know this?) and with speed boost there was barely time to fire off two other attacks in between, not to mention that endurance suddenly was unlimited. I did not even need to use Consume, which in retrospect I should pobably have used even without needing it, since it does area damage. I am just so used to saving it for when my endurance goes low. We went to the lvl 19 part of Boomtown and rolled through the gangs like wildfire, literally. Just a white-hot cascade of fire and clouds of numbers rising from the unfortunate villains as I alternated the point-blanc area attacks. This just shouldn't be legal, at least at that level. Now I am spoiled rotten.
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Newbie, CoH

City of Villain

In other news, the CoV beta invites seem to have reached most of the people who were in beta for CoH and have stayed using the same account ever since.

While I do wish I could help debug the game, I simply don't think I could stay motivated playing a villain. And this, I suspect, is the downfall of the game. Simply being evil isn't great fun in the long run. (Besides, there is always GTA.) It is the PvP element that is the selling point. However, there are already other games that are built up around PvP. Do you really think people will return from WoW to fight for Lord Recluse against the boy scouts? I don't think so. And if they come, they won't stay. Because no matter how you turn it, CoV won't be the best or even a good PvP game. It lacks the motivation you find in DAoC or WoW, where each side fights for truth and justice as they see it.

Already the Arenas are deserted, and have been since a few days after they went live. I predict that CoV will flop in a similar way, and there is a very real risk that its demise will pull CoH with it.
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Puck (silly)

Portal Corps Dance Party!

Jezebella (Level 38) and Nicnevin (Level 32) got bored last night, so they decided to go sight seeing in Peregrine Island. After the fool who was pulling DE monsters to the courtyard at Portal Corps was finally defeated and the big nasty 'shrooms were gone, they were able to land and check out the cool "Sliders" gear inside the buildings. Then they ran in another member of the Wicked Women, and all three of them had a little dance party.

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News bit from GenCon

This is unconfirmed at this point, from a poster on the official boards:

I was at gencon yesterday...
I had to ask this one question... What will the Fee be for both?

And from the mouth of a fellow named Shane Hensley, (Y'all have heard of Him, right?) came these words:

"There will be NO extra fee for having both."
"You need to buy the box, but there is no added monthly fee"

So, Cov + CoH = same fee as having only CoH = Only the one timecard needed!

(no subject)

Hmmm, so the nerfage is being toned back a little bit:

Statesman sez:
Thanks to your feedback, we've changed the AOE values to:

Set a maximum number of targets that can be affected by most offensive powers:
Ranged AoE and Large PBAoE damage powers (like Nova), Ranged AoE and PBAoE Debuffs, Ranged AoE and PBAoE Controls powers are all set to 16.
Ranged cones, and Melee AoE (PBAoE) are set to 10.
Melee Cones are set to 5.
Taunts (including Tanker inherent Taunt - Gauntlet, aka 'PunchVoke') are set to 5.
Buffs are unaffected.

This thread is for you to provide feedback to the Devs on the above issues. You are allowed to post ONCE in this thread. Make it count! If you post more than one time - the extra posts will be removed.

If a dev responds this count will be reset.