August 20th, 2005

Newbie, CoH

Positron TF...

My fire tanker (still 18) had skipped the Positron TF, but today as I moved through Steel there was the pleading of a lvl 15 player wanting to do it. He, I and the kinetic defender did it alone. It was allright, and certainly got me out of the debt from the previous pickup team (I was the same level as the leader of that team, and some of the robots were purple. Someone has been too loudmouthed around the Field Analyst, I'd say). I also got a nice lump of influence, despite a few defeats that I needed to burn off. Boo wasn't defeated once, she must be swimming in influence by now. But...
I hate them. Without any vertical movement power, the layered caves are basically off-limits. Luckily the third guy had some kind of jump power. BoosterPaque has Inertia Reduction, but she hadn't taken that at 15 (I don't even think it is available at 15), so we were both huddling at the bottom of the cave for half an hour or perhaps more while the other guy slowly ground through the mission. NOT fun. Also, finding a cave inside Perez Park while auto-exemplared to scrounger bait. :(

Synapse should be much better, since 1) no caves and 2) Inertia Reduction. It will be some time till I touch Positron's TF again with any alt of mine.

ah, amusement

So yeah, last night after multiple deaths, a friend and I set out to get some badges (the 2nd skulls badge, the CoT Mage badge, the Vahz badge, etc). She wanted her badge for SKing (hence why in the screenshot, I'm SKed in the Hollows at lvl 32). So we're running around killing all the baddies and laughing at how amazing we are that we can do it in one swipe and she screams about someone having a gun, therefore I hurry over to investigate.

There's an Madness Mage, an Energy Mage, and a Archer...with guns. I guess bows and arrows are a thing of the past when it comes to fighting Trolls. Either way, she and I found it highly amusing and we giggled about it for quite some time. Not sure if anyone else will, but I'll at least post the screenshot.

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whoring for supergroups

I have three alts that are looking for good supergroups. I can solo with most of my characters, but some are more fun with teams and I have a hard time finding people with whom to team that aren't complete morons.

On Infinity, I have Hung Daddy, a level 19 mind control/force field controller. He has lots of holds and the bubbling helps.

On Pinnacle, I have Mechanaught, a level 12 storm summoning/electricity defender. He has some cool powers as well.

I also have Ephedrine, a level 19 kinetics/energy defender. He has speed boost and...who cares? Speed boost in and of itself is usually enough to help the team out.

I try to play these heroes at least once a week so I'm looking for groups with a fairly large membership of cool people that are usually on. I'm on the East Coast and play at night during the week.