August 21st, 2005


Alas i finally made it

Eternal Elaine finally made lvl 50. This is my second character to make lvl 50. I was hustling to get to 50 in hopes to get my tank into retirement before the changes of issue 5 came. whether invuln tanks still get nerfed badly or not, i wont have to worry about trying to make it to 50 on a gimpy tank.

I'm the boss!

Tonight, after a month of membership, Tiny McStrappy and Dark Knightress were handed the reigns of leadership in the Stygian Legion. To celebrate, we kicked the crap out of a bunch of Council in Striga.

I'm posting for two three reasons.

One: Yay! Leader! Go me!

Two: We're still (always) looking for new members of any level (on Virtue)... warshades, scrappers, and defenders... anyone who has some sort of Dark powers. Send a tell or in-game email to Tiny McStrappy (@Quasadu) or Dark Knightress (@Garuth) if you're interested. DK and I are on almost every night sometime between 7-12 pm eastern time.

Three: We're looking to do a task force this Saturday evening (starting around 6 or 7 pm eastern? maybe?) and we're looking for help. Every time I've tried to recruit pickup teams for a task force, it has been a catastrophe, so I thought I'd fish ask around here. We're both lvl 22, so Sister Psyche is what I'm most interested in doing. However, since we have yet to complete any TF's (and since we could always use more influence) we're willing to hook up with lower level characters for Positron or Synapse. We just want badges and the satisfaction of finally completing a damn task force (something neither of us have done in our two months of playing the game). As above, a tell, email, or reply to this post are all good ways to let us know if you're interested.

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