August 22nd, 2005

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Hey there, I'm noticing alot of the posts on here are regarding the US servers, so my question is how many peeps on here are on the UK servers?

I found a UK community on here, but it only has 7 members, heh.

Vigilant DEFIANT server. lvl 11 Tech tanker (fire/energy) named 'Daedalus v.2'


Does anyone have any snazzy macros or keybinds for taking screen shots? I am always jealous when I see cool pics like Doug am be. So I was wondering if anyone had come up with an easier way to do it besides print screen. I appreciate the help!


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Cyberman 8

Another "newb" post

Hi there. Been playing City of Heroes since just before Halloween last year. Rei-kun pointed out this community to me and I've been lurking for awhile. Just thought I'd go ahead and say hi.

Most of my characters are on Justice. I have my main, and two major alts, plus some experimental characters scattered on Justice and some of the other servers.

Anyway, more revelent posts later!

Oh... Consider me a fan of Doug! Doug am hilarious! ^_^
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Bumblebee - Game Face

Windlacer hits 50 for the second time!

I went the distance

The Tanker version of the Wonderful Windlacer hit 50 tonight. A level in one day. :) My supergroup, the Dauntless Reverie, is aweosme. I love those guys so much.

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~The Wonderful Windlacer - 50 - Energy/Energy/Force Blaster
~The Wonderful 'Lacer - 50 Invulnerability/Energy/Energy Tanker
Virtue Server
Now what will version 3 be? :)
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