August 24th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Stealth timed missions

Last night, I logged in around 8:30 pm so I could sell enhancements and get a new batch of missions set up so I would be ready to go when my regular group of teammates showed up at 9:00 pm. I ran up to Ginger Yates in Founder's Falls to clear my old mission. With one eye, I read the text of the two new mission options she was offering me, as I had to keep the other on the crowd of Level 39 DE that were stomping around behind her. The first option was a hunt that I didn't want. The second option was a door mission to stop a Nemesis raid, with the last line reading "You'll have to hurry, you won't have much time!"

So I select it, thinking it'll be just like all the other door missions where the the contact has said "hurry, hurry, hurry" that I've sat on for days before completing... and bam, a 90 minute timer pops up. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

There really needs to be a clear warning in the description that a mission is going to have a timer on it BEFORE you select it. "You'll have to hurry!" is not a fair warning. "You'll have 90 minutes to stop the raid." - that would be a fair warning.

Before the rest of my team assembled, half an hour had already run off the clock. And of course it ended up being a HUGE warehouse mission map, packed with Nemesis and DE. We got down to about five minutes left and still had the whole last room, so the tanker went in and herded everything on the first floor, brought it back for us to decimate, then rushed up to repeat the process on the second floor. We found the last sniper and killed arrested him with about ten seconds to spare. It was like a James Bond photo finish with 0:07 left on the counter.

What's too bad is that a last minute mad rush like that is probably going to be impossible once I5 nerfs tankers. And I wonder if failing a timed mission while wearing your SG colors will lessen your prestige. I can see it now... "50 points from Gryffindor!" :P

Tonight on G4's Attack of the Show

Jack "Statesman" Emmert is going to be on Attack of the Show tonight on G4Tech TV. I wonder if they are going to let him take calls from people? If so, how many questions in before someone starts screaming

"I5 IS TEH D000000000M!! NERF! NERF! NERF!" And then say how much they are looking forward to CoV.

I live in CST, so it comes on at 6pm for me. I'm sure we'll be discussing this tomorrow after the show airs.

TiVo anyone?


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City of Heroes, Onyx, CoH

I5 and Strategy

I got to spend about half an hour talking with Statesman at GenCon, and it was a nice give and take as he was willing to listen to me as well as explain his side of things.

What he explained to me is that he doesn't want teams or individuals rushing through the mission maps recklessly. He wants people to stop and think and discuss and figure out strategy. He doesn't want this to be a mindless game of beat up on things that an 8 year old could play, but rather a thinking person's game.

He is as frustrated with I am with the way most teams play of just plowing on through and not thinking. I explained to him that this is my problem with playing on large teams, and as a result I die more than when I solo and take my time going through missions. He said that this is the reason he's making these changes, to make people slow down and think.

One fellow said, "But I like to take on mobs solo on Unyielding." Statesman chuckled and said, "Well, you won't be able to do that."

The guy (in his late teens, kid to me) shrugged and walked away.

I agree with Statesman on that, that would be unreasonable and make the rest of a team unnecessary if you could. solo on Unyielding or Invincible. Tenacious, he agreed, would be doable.

To compensate, the mobs will be more spread out and not as bunched up. Also, higher XP.

I like that in theory. I hope it works.

I still am hesitant about the changes. He understands that. "Nobody likes to be nerfed," he said. But he assured me it's all to better the game. And I really hope that it makes people slow down some as I hate running through the mission.
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Doing Something Wrong

I must be playing this game wrong. I spend 6-8 hour per week playing, and have done so for the last year or so. I have a level 35 Controller, a level 32 Tank, and three level 16-19 characters I haven't played for months. How do people get to 50 so fast?

When playing with my Controller, soloing takes FOREVER to get through a single Heroic-level mission, even with a Singularity pet. The Tank has no such problem, and zips through levels much, much faster. Even so, I don't see how people can get to level 50 as fast as they do -- even if I exclusively play the Tank, I expect it will take me another three MONTHS to get there.

Do I need to stop soloing so much? I probably spend 60-70% of my time soloing. When I'm in a pick-up group, a third of the time the group doesn't communicate enough/doesn't think/doesn't do whatever it is that keeps people from dying, and everyone dies.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

My team just completed one of my missions in which there was a DE monster named Thorn. When he died, I was the only one who received XP for his defeat. What's the deal there? It was a lot, too - 22k. I felt bad for the rest of the team.

P.S. Who's gonna go see The Incredibles on Ice?

On Test

This is on the test server:

Pool/Phase Shift: Although still a toggle power, Phase Shift will deactivate if you leave it on for more than 30 seconds. Increased recharge time.

WHAT?! *sigh* Yeah, because THAT was wholly effing necessary.
J'ohn loves his oreos.

This am taste of things to am come?

Someone demand Doug post? Er, well, Doug no have much to offer, but Doug try!

See, Doug have problem right now. Doug no can play game right now. Um. Doug lend game to friend so friend can install game quicker and am play trial thingy. And then Doug had to clean out computer box thingy. Then Doug's account expire. Doug sad. =( But Doug come back as soon as Doug can.

In meantime, Doug got art from artist people about Doug comic! Doug show both, but Doug like potential one more than other! Ooh! And Doug show scripts for first two strips that Doug am write! Well, Doug no personally write. But you know what Doug mean.

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