August 25th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Another Respec TF pwnd

Just completed the second Terra Volta respec TF (Freakshow) on Guardian. Five person team, completed it in just under three hours. We left no survivors on any of the mission maps, we had no deaths, and the reactor never lost more than a fraction of its health. So I just want to give props to my teammates. This was the lineup:

Lotus Rahmstyne - tanker
Lancelot Emery - defender
Maggie Thompson - blaster
Hammer. - tanker
Jezebella - scrapper

It's late and I can't recall everyone's origins and power sets. All I really want to say is that this group rocks, and I hope the climb with them through the next ten levels to 50 continues to be as awesomely fun as the trip from 30 to 40 has been. :)

Why we are superheroes, goddammit.

My main character, Midnight Dancer, is a dark melee/dark armor scrapper. She can summon netherworld energies to baffle her foes, drain their life force, and protect herself from harm. She has Super Jump; she can leap over tall medium-sized buildings at a single bound. She can smash armoured war machines, supersoldiers, hideous biological abominations, and power-armoured ray-gun-toting aliens into submission with her fists.

Now let's look at Grauniad, my rad/rad defender. He can fire bolts of radiation from his hands. He can create clouds of radiation that baffle and weaken his enemies. He can emit weird pulses of radiation that temporarily accelerate the human metabolism or heal damaged flesh. He can hover in mid-air with no discernable means of support while he does this.

Over here, we have Impulse Girl, my energy/energy blaster. She can charge her hands with an energy field that lets her send six-foot-something hulking brutes flying 20 feet away with a gentle push, and she can fling bolts of concussive force to considerable distances with similar effect. In the nearish future, she'll be gaining the ability to leap medium-sized buildings at a single bound; she can already jump over 20 feet straight up from a standing start.

The Violet Exactrix, my illusion/kinetics controller, carries gadgets that can persuade someone that they're now bleeding from a dozen flesh wounds, or convince someone to start shooting his own allies, or render herself completely invisible, or make herself move much faster for a short time while simultaneously slowing down an enemy's movements; shortly, she'll be obtaining a gadget that will allow her to teleport her friends to safety.

Lady Warstrike, my invulnerability/mace tanker, can stand in the middle of a group of hulking six-foot-something brutes armed with sledgehammers and tell them that their mothers must have fucked goats to produce such ugly children, and survive the resulting barrage of sledgehammer blows.

Dr. Nethergate, my dark/dark defender, is equipped with cybernetic implants that let him control the energies of the Netherworld. He can mire his enemies ina sticky morass of negative energy. He can wrap his enemies in a cloud of negative energy that makes their attacks less effective. He can blast them with negative energy. Soon, he'll be able to teleport his allies, and later he'll be able to teleport himself.

So, who wants to tell me that these people aren't superheroes?


Warshade Troubles

Is there anyone on here with a high level warshade that could answer a question for me? My WS, Nictus Prime, on pinnacle server, is now 35. I am having a blast with this character. However, Shadowstar (the first contact) no longer gives me anymore missions/arcs. I thought that she gives a story arc every 5 levels? I finished the last mission for her (The arc in striga about testing new quantum weapons) at level 27, and thats been the last I could do for her.

Yet she says to come back every 5 levels, and even the info from the souvenir of that last arc says to go back to her when I hit 30.

so my question is this; are there more arcs from shadowstar after 30? because it feels like there are definitely some loose ends if so. If so, Why wont she give them to me? I filed a bug/contact report in game two days ago, but have not heard back from them yet.

Update: Issue resolved. Thank-you everyone for your advise and suggestions. It was the Eliza Thorpe Will of the Earth Arc that I hadent finished that was holding me back, everything else was current.
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