August 26th, 2005

Puck (silly)

Respec TF2, Take 2

Took on the Freakshow again last night so that a couple more friends could be included in the madness. Seven person team, 3 1/2 hours, no survivors left, no deaths on the team. The dream team that rocks my world:

Lotus Rahmstyne - invul.tanker
Lancelot Emery - emp. defender
Maggie Thompson - a.r. blaster
Hammer. - invul. tanker
Jezebella - claws scrapper
Cyborg Angel - rad. defender
Nicnevin - d.m. scrapper

I love being powered by both RA and AM. Yay for the blue and green crack!

Oh yes... Jezebella hit Level 40 last night, too. Icon, here I come. I checked my "bank account" last night before I logged. Just call me Armin DeMonay. ;)
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Just throwing out a picture of a fellow SG'er hitting 50 last night, and since someone posted a pic of themselves hitting 50 while they were stunned, although this isn't as good, he is falling on his arse as the level up occured...

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Go Team Invictus!
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Lost connection to Mapserver...

Grrrrrr!!! Ever since I predownloaded (Is that even a word?!!) level 5 and I try and connect to any UK EU server it'll log in, start the game and I'll get "Lost Connection to MapServer" come up on the screen.. Thats with my old char, and a new one I made up to test it.. Is anyone else getting this or is it just me?! I can't think of anything different I'm doing and it's starting to annoy the hell outta me.. It's been 4 days damnit...
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