August 29th, 2005

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Brother, can u spare a million inf?

Boy, has Jezebella become a popular gal since reaching Level 40. All I wanted to do yesterday afternoon was solo missions from my old contacts for the sake of completionism before they stop talking to me, and right and left I'm getting blind invites and tells asking me to come help with missions. "Lvl 43 mish, good XP 4 u." And I keep thinking, where were all these eager beavers back when I actually could have used the help?

So I was on my way to a mission in Brickstown yesterday afternoon when I get yet another random tell. "Can I borrow some inf plz?" So I do a quick search of the name to see what level this person is, because I was zipping along at a pretty good clip and it'd be pretty impressive of them to have spotted my blurred form racing past Serafina. But no, this wasn't someone in their 30s trying to upgrade their SOs. This person was a Level 1 in (where else) Atlas Park.

So I sent a tell back. "Sure, I can give you a loan. I'll just need to do a credit check and have you sign a promisory note. Come find me in Brickstown."

Strangely enough, no one ever showed up to take me up on the offer. Go figure. :P

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So I *finally* was able to get Positron's TF done yesterday with some fellow SG'ers and a controller that just wanted to get it done. We all got ex'ed down to 16, which wasn't too bad because I at least had 50++ SO's in all my powers, so it was still easy to mow stuff down. Our team consisted of a tank, 2 blasters, a dark/dark def, and a controller with empathy. It went by very smoothly. I died once on purpose just to feel useful working off the debt, and on the last mission we get overwhelmed and myself, the tank, and the controller all went down. But the debt disappeared before the mission was even over, so it wasn't too bad. The only real issue came when there was an ambush by Positron of level 45 CoT's. That was *NOT* cool. Our controller (Sarah Lee) went down because it was completely unexpected. And irritating. Aside from that, Carla Caliente now has her Positron badge and is looking for more TF's!

Also, I finally got back to playing my spines/dark scrapper... HOLY COW! I love that build. Even at level 8, I can throw down the two toggles that I have, fire off Build Up real quick and run into a mob of 8 white enemies and take them all down. Any suggestions for the perfect build?

You know you're a geek when.....

You get an email with the subject:
Frostfire Surf & Beach Party Invite

And you click on it because it says FrostFire and how can that bad guy from CoH have anything to do with a beach party?

You then read the first line and are horrifically disappointed that its a pr0n ad.


I thought it was CoH related, not nekkid chicks.
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I am the Law!

As a gamer, I'm kind of a lite RPer. I take good care of my toon by giving it attention to detail. More than a few passers-by have commented on costume or bio. When flying, I even try to ensure landings are smooth and fluid. :-) I am WAY too into this game, I know.

Now, I have created all the alts Guardian will allow me to place. and a few on other servers as well. But I use them mostly as name placeholders, or 'cool idea storage.' But this weekend I started playing my time-travelling scrapper/Russian super agent 'Oktober Law.' Besides my main, this is the only other character I've seriously played. (Tech origin, due to his bio. Martial Arts/Invul)

And I LOVED it. I'm still getting used to playing a scrapper... my running buddy and SG-mate MT says I play him like a tank. But all in all, it was great. I dug playing the low levels again! No PLing... a few of us just logged our alts in and went from 1 - 7ish. MT is already planning on making a NEW toon to be Law's girl sidekick. I'm already planning new costumes, auras, and a UN-themed supergroup!

What's the point of all this? I logged in briefly as my L38 main. Flew around. Rescued some heroes. Looked at my missions and logged back out. Two levels away from Epics and all I want to do is stalk the Hollows with my Canadian, Japanese, and All-American buddies.

I feel bad, though. All the work and time invested into my main... I feel like I'm cheating on it!
Am I crazy?

...scratch that. I'm obviously crazy. But am I wrong?

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So, does anyone else hate it when you see toons with natural origins and you see them sprout spines everywhere? Or shoot energy blasts? Or project force feilds?

Doesn't seem very natural to me.
Bob Signal

How Are You Gentlemen?

I haven't played City of Heroes since I think last December. I had a level 43 Illusion/Forcefield Controller named Ben Franklin on Liberty server. I stopped playing for one reason, I had no money to pay for CoH anymore. Yes, it was getting a little boring, yes I was dissapointed with some of the patches, and yes the end game content doesn't seem all that appealing, I mean the only reason I would want to hit 50 is so I can say I am 50 and can play with Warshades/(and whatever the light one was). However, if I had the money I would still be playing today, I had a lot of fun creating characters and the community on CoH is awesome. But the reason I am telling you this is because I got a job again. Which means I'm going to have some money. So I have good news and I have bad news. The good news I get to go back and play this awesome game. The bad news is, I'm coming back as a villain! Yep, I'm waiting for CoV and I'm coming after everyone of your pathetic heroes and laying waste to their pitiful existence. Statesman is my idol no more. Wahaha!

Badges and I5

Well whoever the Devs didn't piss off with the I5 nerfs prob just pissed off with this one...


Clarification - Monsters in TF's do not count towards the badges for those monsters (Adamastor or Jurrassic for ex). It has been this way for some time.

Also - after much pushing and shoving - we were told that there will NOT be data mining for TF badges. So if you did a TF before I5 - when I5 goes live you will not get a badge for it auto-magically.

I know - it stinks - I'm sorry about that.

**edited to read correctly - note on top of all that - Babbage that is in the TF will give you the badge - IF your group does the most damage to it - if someone helps you defeat Babbage - you may not get it if your team does not do the majority of the damage**


Some people asked me to post this as well -

You will not be able to /petition to get these badges if you completed the TF before I5. So please do not flood the GMs with /petitions trying to get the badges. They can NOT award them.

I really think the Devs have lost their collective minds...

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I'm not sure why this is happening, but when there is no other music playing in the game, I always hear the "Paragon Dance Party" music playing very faintly in the background. It started a couple of days ago, and isn't a problem, but I wonder what could be causing it? (PS: I am not the only one who can hear it, lol)

Oh, and a screenshot of Og getting up close and personal with a Totem. I was amazed at the detail on that thing and just had to take a pic.

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