August 30th, 2005

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Panhandling: Superpower of the New Millenium

It's a sad day in Paragon City when you spot someone who's name tag says they're a member of one of the largest, most well-known supergroups on the server -- one that hosts huge bi-weekly costume contests and contains dozens of Level 50 heroes -- standing around begging on the broadcast channel for someone to power-level him.

You'd think the big uber supergroups could handle such needs from within, and spare the rest of us from having to run the gauntlet of heroes with tin cups every time we pass through AP or PI.

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Has anyone else experienced more lag and rubberbanding than usual? It seems that something has changed in the past week or so and zones like PI, Talos and Brickstown are almost unplayable.

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It's been a while since I made a new character, but I got the itch the other night and I scratched it by making an Empathy/Dark Defender on Virtue - Automaxis:

I imagine her as a bio-mech cyborg type of creature who has been lost in the desert for a long time. Why was she lost in the desert? I have no idea. I think I associate the desert with her because she has a hood and glowing eye things like the sand people in Star Wars.

Anyway, I like her a lot, but I probably won't play her much as I am trying to get one of my higher-level characters to 50 ASAP.

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Ugh i don't know what to do i've gotten so bored with the game as of late, i think i am just bored with the powers. I think if they added a few more archetypes or something i would be happy. I am honestly not very excited about sonics and archery, although i do like the archery set. They first MMO i played was EQ and i had a great time with that i was super emmersed in this world that was super cool. I've been feeling lately that the world of COH has been lacking. I realized this when it took me 40 minutes sitting going through every power just to decide which one i wanted because i have tried everything. Another realization i have had is the fact that it has been nearly impossible for me to find good teams its like everyone feels like they are the only one in the mission and they just go crazy on everything and end up getting killed which means i either get killed or and up running and coming close to death. Dying because of someones elses stupidity really just makes me sour. it makes me not want to play or create a new character to fiddle around with, which brings me back to my first ranty thing. I wonder if anyone out there feels me on this?