August 31st, 2005

Crey Industries Internal Memo

Crey Industries Internal Memo
Sec. Clearance: Red-5/Orange-23
To: Alexander Somerset, director of Xenohuman Observations
From: Sgt. Mikal Anderopov, Crey Protector unit 642

At your request, I have assembled all available data on the Xeno known as 'Rocketfire'. Some information was easy to acquire, as target has been on several talk shows.

NAME: Unknown. There are three primary candidates. Donald Cooper of Kings Row, Jameson Sawyer of Founders Falls, and Anthony Mazuruski of Galaxy City. All three have had SOT (Silent Observation Team) assigned to them.


XENOPOWERS: Rocketfire has demonstrated potent energy projection abilities. He has been observed making himself invisible by unknown means. He has been observed in flight. The image seen here was taken by a voltaic tank after it was disabled by one of Rocketfire's coherent-light beams. The voltaic was reduced from 100% functionality to 3% in 2,6 seconds. *NOTE: Rocketfire is from all accounts, NOT a true Xenohuman. His powers appear to all be based on technology, primarily a set of guantlets he has called his 'Coherent-Light Guantlets'. Hence, he is NOT a vaild candidate for the Revenant Hero program. The source of his tech is unknown, possibly self-created. A memo has been sent to Omicron division for research into the power source. A comparison-sift run reveals a raid on a Dr. (?) Fields done by the Fifth Column, shortly before the Council gained dominance. He was working on a quarter-sized power cell capable of immesaurable energy expulsions. Sadly, Dr. Fields was slain in the raid, and the power cell prototypes were never recovered.

Affiliates: Rocketfire is a member of the 'Patriots of Paragon'. He has been seen in possibly romantic behaviors with another member of the 'Patriots', one 'Miss Sweetheart'.

Reccomendations: Continued observation.

Game stats
Character's Name: Rocketfire
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Power: Energy Blast
Secondary Power: Energy
COH Server: Triumph

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CoH Comic

I got issue 4 of the new CoH comic in the mail last week. This morning I finally decided to open the front cover. I got to the second page, sighed, and closed it.

Of course I can't be the only one who finds this new version of the comic to be.. lacking?

I remember so many people complaining about the original comic, the first 12 issues, but to tell the truth I ENJOYED them, they were about heroes like us, fighting in the city we knew. But these new issues.. Freedom Phalanx fighting Trolls? And flipping through the pages I see they've stooped to the level of showing off cleavage (both tits and ass) to attract the boys.. Heaven knows the purpose of comics is to give little boys more porn to jack off to, never should there be an actual STORY..

This new comic just feels so common, so used, and what's the word I'm looking for? Sold out? Like when a singer says "No, I'm unique, I stand up for what I believe in!" and then they let Pepsi sponsor their concert or something, you know, they sold out... that's what I feel like this comic is...
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Card Fighter Crow

(no subject)

In case anyone's interested, this excerpt from Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage sheds light on one aspect of the game...

Fifth Column:

Term coined in 1936 by Nationalist Gen. Emilio Mola in the Spanish Civil War to describe nationalist supporters in Madrid who would support his four army columns assaulting the city. The British later applied the term to people who spied for or sympathized with Nazis in occupied countries, particularly France. Ernest Hemingway established the term in the United States through his play about the Spanish Civil War, Fifth Column. A shadowy fifth column was blamed for the swift fall of France in 1940, and British officials worried about the existence of a fifth column amid the refugees who fled to England from the Continent.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill borrowed the fifth column idea when he ordered the creation of the SOE (Special operations Executive), which was "to set Europe ablaze." Minister of Economic Warfare Hugh Dalton, the Director of the SOE, said it would be similar "to the organizations which the Nazis themselves have developed so remarkably in almost every country in the world." President Roosevelt also believed in the existence of such a Nazi organization, speaking in a fireside chat on May 26th, 1940, about the "fifth column that betrays a nation unprepared for treachery." In fact, there was no such Nazi organization.

William Donovan, sent to England by Roosevelt on a fact-gathering mission in July 1940, coauthored a series of syndicated newspaper articles and a pamphlet, "Fifth Column Lessons for Americ," which played a major role in creating hysteria over possible infiltration of Nazi agents into the United States. The pamphlet warned that the Nazis could count on a "German colony of several million strong" [sic] in the United States, including thousands of domestic workers, and "German waiters." Many of the German-Americans in this mythical fifth column the pamphlet said, would act "to destroy their own country, sabotage its defenses, weaken its war effort, sink its ships, kill its soldiers and sailors for the benefit of a foreign dictator, and his alien political philosophy."

After the war the term died out, probably because no real fifth column had ever emerged in the Allied countries in World War II.
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server down

I'm use to the servers being down on Fridays at this time. Come on Statesman stick to Fridays. My main play time is from 745am to 1030am cst. If I can find time to play at all due to kids, the wife, and work. I hope whatever your team is doing on this fine Wednesday is really good.
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Puck (silly)

I5 respec and free costume

Just visited the official boards and saw this post by CuppaJo


Heroes -

Issue 5 is here! Tomorrow morning (Sept 1) we will be distributing one free respec and one free costume change to all characters. This gives you time to use any current free respec you have since tomorrow's respec will overwrite any unused free respec.

Again, that is tomorrow - Sept 1 that these will be distributed.

Rock on. Looks like I got some work to do tonight when I get home.

- Patrick
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Couple bugs I have encountered.

1. Switching between Windows is a no-no again. Causes CoH to freeze and restarts my system
2. Going into your costume selection screen will also cause freezing and restart.

Any else?

PS Yes, I filied a bug report.
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(no subject)

Now that I5 is finally here, I just made the people I had in the test server. When I finally got out of the tutorial into Atlas Park, there were a lot of people arguing. I guess some people are mad about how many people have archery and/or sonic. But, what can you expect? People want to test out the new powers. I just wanted to make my characters from the test server because I liked them. I also asked someone why they were so mad, and they said because people can't think of any good names. You keep seeing "Archer", "Bow", "Shot", and "Arrow". And when it comes to sonic you usually see "Sonic", "Sonar", "Scream" or "Shriek". But, I am sure it will only be like this for a couple of days. Right? Hopefully?

So, I made an Archer/Devices, just like my test server one, and her name is Gwenivere. I like that name. And someone said that it was from King Arthur, which I forgot. But I can try to tie that into a story for Gwenivere, although I am not good with stories. I think she kind of looks like Lara Croft.

And I also made a Sonic/Sonic Defender. Natural. She is from another planet. Her name is Raven 626. I made a really lame story about her. How her planet is going through a galaxy war, and how she was sent to Earth to ask Earth for help. You know, it was just off the top of my head.

Did you guys make any Archer/Trick Arrow/Sonic and whatever else they have...? Oh, and what do you think a good story for Gwenivere would be?

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Warning about Video Driver Updates!

When you go to log into CoH issue 5, you may see a warning on the bottom of the screen. This warning is bright and scary and might get you to upgrade your video drivers without testing the game first... Don't Do That.

Try the game with your old drivers - I bet they work fine. I was running nVidia Forceware version 71.89, and the latest were 77.77. There was a 77.72 in between as well.

I upgraded. Then CoH locked up as soon as you hit 'accept' and that blue ribbon popped across the screen saying 'Loading...'.

HARD LOCK - power off lock. Not good.

I rebooted, tried several tricks, no joy, hard lock on running CoH.

I uninstalled them, then reinstalled 77.72. Same thing.

I uninstalled them, then reinstalled 71.89. Worked perfectly.

So don't upgrade your drivers just because the dev's put scary words on the login screen - I just lost 3 hours and several years from my life due to stress. I seriously hate driver issues. Nasssty driversss.
On Target

I had to do it

It was a dark and stormy night.

No really, it was.

Sitting on the outskirts of the encampment, I strained against the wind and rain to keep vigilant watch against our enemies. Their attack was eminent, and I aimed to be ready.

My bow was in my hands, arrow ready to fly. The spells I had learned were in my head, ready to fly through the air and bring firey destruction to those that would invade. My comrades were posed as I, ready for the worst, hoping for the best.

Then there was a flash.

I let my arrow fly in the direction of the light, even as I squinted in reflexive defense against the piercing blue. A sound like screeching wind and dying embers assailed my ears. I reached for another arrow and let it fly, although I could not see anything but blue light.

I felt my feet give way, and I was falling.

Suddenly, my feet hit the ground and instictively I jumped up, bow at the ready. The light receded quickly, and before me I saw a group of mystics, standing in a circle, in what appeared to be a ceremony of some sort. I had seen summoning ceremonies before, but these people looked alien to me. They seemed surprised to see me, and I took advantage of that surprise to place an arrow into one of their heads. As they started to move, I summoned a ring of fire to surround the second, holding him in place while I kicked the third, getting another arrow ready to end his summoning days forever.

And then there was silence again. I was at the top of a tall rectangular building, dead mystics around me, summoned by accident through a portal not cast for me. And this is how I find myself in your Paragon City.

I am a warrior, and I go where I'm needed. It appears I'm needed here.


Welcome Ashenwood, one of the millions of Arrow Blasters to grace the streets of Paragon City tonight. :)

I'm on Champion. My global handle is "Coz".
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